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Scrambler Gotcha aatv amphibious


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I never seen one until I traded a guy my 2 non running 6x6's for one its pretty neat. I'll get some pics up of it asap but its a 4 wheel drive amphibious atv that steers with sticks like a tank. has a 7 hp honda motor I think it was made in 1973. I don't think they made alot of them. I got it for a toy to mess with. Has anyone seen these or into 6x6's?

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Anyone old enough to remember the Banana Splits? :clapping:


Yes, I used to watch them back in 1969, with the death of network Saturday morning cartoons, Saturday mornings mean something totally different than they did for us. Remember the little Snippet from the Splits called Danger Island?

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I recently acquired a action age scrambler, I believe 1200. I have no info on it, but seems to be missing a jackshaft or something. Any info or places to get parts from would be a great help. 

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