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new comanche club score

Pete M

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picked up this promo hat off ebay. :banana: yes those are the seller's photos. they turned out way better than mine so I figured I'd use them to show you guys. :D it's a 7 3/8 size and doesn't fit my huge head, but I doubt I could rock the cowboy look anyways (plus I'd never forgive myself if I ever sweat in it).







Here it is next to the cap I got a few years ago. I need a cabinet or something. A mini-museum of sorts. :D


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What was Jeep doing with these hats? Were they selling them at dealerships, including them with the purchases of new trucks? I've never seen these before. Also,



how did you find out it even existed?


It's a sickness,



and Pete has it baaaaaaad. :nuts:



:cheers: jamminz.gif

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