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  1. well, for myself, the law is.... useful, but shouldn't apply to me. reason being, you never really want to call me when I'm driving, cause for the most part, i will ignore the conversation, and drive. kind of like listening to the radio while driving, thats about as distracted as i let myself get. BUT i accept that i am the exeption to the rule, and most people who talk om the phone driving are scary as hell.....
  2. Cotter pins are a "once" use item, and should never be re-used :no: Correct. One or both legs gets bent over 180 degrees to lock it in place. By the time you bend it, straighten it out for removal, then bend it again -- it's pretty well work hardened and on the ragged edge of failing. I confess to having reused them in an emergency, but it really is a "NO-NO!" And no hubs come with cotter pins. The cotter pin is not part of the hub assembly, it's part of the stub axle assembly. Cotter pins are a "consumable" item in automotive repair shops. Tie rod ends sometimes come with replacements, but I can't remember anything else that does. If you don't have an assortment of cotter pins next to your toolbox, you're not a real Jeeper. i reuse cotter pins all the time, and actually have never had one break....(though i do realize its just a matter of time....
  3. holy crap, that NEEDS to be on a tee shirt.... i would so put that on my daughter....
  4. me too.... as long as it was into a wall.... :nuts:
  5. a sheetmetal bed is gonna weigh about as much as a fiberglass canopy/topper.
  6. my vote goes to pete, leagaly. though i don't know whether he has the equipment to relpace the roof....
  7. http://www.convertcase.net :banana: ....... :thumbsup: i so put that in my favorites....
  8. :eek: holy-flaming-rubber-bouncy-balls-i-want-that-hat!
  9. I FOUND A BETTER MISSPELLING THAN THE ONE ABOVE: ok, boys and girls, if you thought you wanted to buy that "Commanchi" try this on for size: http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/cto/1648770283.html :fool: :thwak:
  10. personally, mine is always on power. people who touch that switch get their hand slaped... :fool:
  11. its ok... you can find better, if you look but if you have the $$ and like the looks, go for it.
  12. its an X shaped pipe that crosses the exhaust pipes . \ / . \ / . X---X pipe . / \ . l l . l l . I I lame that took me tike 19 min to look good, them the forum broke it...
  13. our trucks need an X pipe for backpressure, otherwise you might get different levels on either side, which would make it run funky.
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