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Draw your Comanche in MS paint


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Those are some pretty cool drawings.


I told my girlfriend about the "Make your Jeep in Paint" thread. A year or so ago she made a paint project for me that I thought was a picture so I knew she had mad skills on paint.


She said "I'll give it a shot!" I thought she would take a week or so to get it done. After 7 hours staying up last night this is what she made:



She is so talented :drool:

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WoW!! Kevin, I hope she is a graphic artist, or else she should be! :bowdown: jamminz.gif





My God, man, ur woman is amazing. That is totally cool... it almost looks like a real pic! U must be so proud of her. 7 hours, thats some dedication. U must worship the ground she walks on, we all do now! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

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Well my fiance is at it again. Since we are getting married in September she thought it would be fitting to add to the picture. She spent a lot of time drawing this trailer for the Comanche. We are still working on the t-shirts. We have been busy and the whole Jeep trademark is a pita! I think if someone spends this much time on something they should allow use of the logo if the "R" trademark is added to give credit. I tried calling Chrysler and the person never called me back. Nice customer service indeed.


So here goes, her latest project.


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