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Listen up, Gentlemen


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You may notice that a certain thread on the subject of people getting their feelings all hurtie, and other peoiple using a bunch of naughty words, and various other somewhat loosely (or not) related topics ... has disappeared from your radars. The simple reason is that, AFTER we discussed at some length that there is no need to use a bunch of 4-letter words on this site ... some of you decided that it must be a good idea to use such words. Shelbyluvv didn't wave the magic wand over the thread this time, I did. There was no simple, easy way to clean up the individual posts so I zapped the whole enchilada.


Do us all a favor, Gentlemen, and take the hint.


We now return you to your normally scheduled programming.

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I've got a couple thoughts here. Contrary to what it might seem, this isn't Junior High. We're all adults of varying ages (and maturity levels). Some friendly ribbing and banter is fine, but when someone says they don't like it, for the love of flatfenders, STOP IT. I'm not a hall monitor, and yet I feel like it sometimes. The last month seems to be conflict after another, some public, some not. You don't have to like everyone, but you sure better find a way to get along. I almost feel like a Mom, yelling at the kids in the back seat to knock it off and keep their hands on their side of the car. :fool: If someone takes strong offense to something you post, just apologize for it. Publicly or privately, I don't care, but be a man and acknowledge that you may have unknowingly gone over a line. Say it even if you don't mean it. And to those on the other side of a comment, be a man and realize that most of what's posted is not meant to be taken personally. We all have differing types of humor and there's no need to chew someone out when a simple "I didn't really care for that" may suffice. And for those here that aren't a man, well, I really haven't had any of these "personality conflict" issues with the ladies here, so you girls can probably just ignore this and carry on as usual. :D


And for the love of willys, KIDS DO VISIT THIS SITE. :fool: Some members browse the pages with their little ones. You may not care, but I do. This is not a frat house. It's not a locker room. It's not your parent's old rumpus room. It's a public forum. At best this is your buddy's garage and you should just go ahead and assume there are kids playing in the yard right next door.


We're going to add a new guideline to the Pub by adding a "NSFW" (not safe for work) in the titles. This is not permission to post anything you'd like as long as you have nsfw in the title. This is to label the borderline posts so the guys with the little jeepers can more easily avoid them.


To those who may have problems with certain images, Firefox has an add-on called "ad-blocker". In addition to the huge database of ads (that you'll never see again), you can select individual images to remove. If you have a problem with say, an avatar, you just right click it and *poof* it's gone. :D Very handy program to have, but you have to run the Firefox browser to use it. PM me if you have any questions on it.


And please, there's no need to apologize to me for anything that's happened thus far. I don't need another dozen PMs waiting for me tonight. Consider this a site-wide amnesty and try not to let things get out of hand next time. :thumbsup:

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They aren't "changes," technically. Pete hasn't revised the rules. The problem is that people have been bending the rules (or pushing the envelope, depending on your perspective) more and more, until it reached a point that called for a reminder.


Now ... behave, or I will be forced to resort to a four-letter word myself.



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