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  1. Hey guys, my Comanche is finally back from paint and it's time for reassembly. When I took the truck apart I took a bunch of pics and measurements of the locations of all badges. Well my phone took a crap and I lost all that. So, I was wondering if anyone would be so kind do give me detailed locations of the badges? Thanks everyone.
  2. 90BlackMJ

    H.o cluster

    Looking for a full cluster for my 94 XJ. Thanks guys.
  3. Well no update for my 90, but I picked up a 92 base. 4.0, auto, 4x4. I'm so excited that I found an h.o truck. I will start a thread for it. I have a few things that need done. This is the good side. In search of a new bed, keep your eyes peeled!
  4. Dang, that's crazy. People will use anything as bait. This country gets better and better everyday.
  5. http://smclassiccars.com/jeep/17175-1991-jeep-comanche-pioneer-standard-cab-pickup-2-door-40l.html Look familiar? It's definitely a scam, I wish it weren't. I seen the same thing as saveevryjp1998. Truck is listed in multiple cities, with none of the same phone number.
  6. Thanks for relpy. Would you be willing to send me some very detailed pics? I'm a little over 9 hrs away. Also a price. Thanks again
  7. In search of a nice rust free short bed. I'm in southern Illinois, willing to travel wherever. Thanks everyone.
  8. Looks like a Rustys 4.5" lift. That's an XJ 8.25 rear axle, looks like the PO just forced the leafs to line up with the XJ perches which is why the shackles and springs are out of line. The rear brakes may not work worth a crap because the rear prop valve is hanging there like it is. Vacuum lines are pretty easy to clean up. Just have to connect brake booster, map sensor, fuel pressure regulator, crank case vent, charcoal canister, and vacuum canister.
  9. That paint job turned out great. Really shines. Wheel and tire combo really sets it off.
  10. Yep, that's exactly what I'm in the middle of doing. Cut it all out and started over
  11. Looks like a nice solid truck from what I can see.
  12. Looking good. What a transformation of that floor lol
  13. Search for a 96-98 XJ (starting in 99 they started using low pinions). It's an Hp30 with the 297 ujoints. Or if ujoints and pinion don't matter to you, do what Jeep Driver said. Search for non CAD at least. 91 up XJ
  14. The Renix system does not "relearn" as it does not store any information. At every crank it gathers its info to run. May want to check out your TPS and or the IAC.
  15. That monstaliner really turned out nice. Texture looks great for rolling it on
  16. RCV is a brand of off road axle shafts, CV style. http://www.rcvperformance.com
  17. X2. You have it upside down. When in correct orientation 2 hi will be straight up and down (mostly)
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