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  1. Well after wanting to get out in the garage tonight, but didn’t want to lay on the cold floor, I decided to do something about my fog lights. The P.O. decided to weld cheap harbor freight lights on top of the factory brackets. I took the grinder out and deburing tool and managed to save the factory mounts. While cleaning my garage I found a somewhat busted factory set of xj fogs that I was going to throw away. Well after a night in the garage, “rebuilding” the factory fogs and installing, the front end looks much more complete. Not to bad for no money spent. You can see the P.O.’s handy work if you zoom into the snow picture.
  2. Looks really good. Thanks for the fender pics that you cut off. Makes a lot more sense to me now.
  3. I don’t know about that. I wasn’t too worried about door dings tho.
  4. I’ve been putting miles on it trying to shake the bugs out lately. It runs and drives decent. - —After tightening the valve cover, I am no longer leaking oil. - the drivers window broke loose the corrosion and now rolls all the way up. - New windshield goes in tomorrow ( I hope they don’t complain about the fuel leak and refuse.). the bad: - when the gas tank is topped off, the sending unit leaks. So have to figure that out. I’ve already saved the thread about new O rings. But I think it also may be related to the metal rusting out. (I put a new tank in it, and rebuilt the sending unit lowers already.). I posted a want add for a sending unit but unsure what the plan going forward is. -The exhaust vibrates against the cross member. It’s driving me nuts, I’ve unbolted and rebooted everything several times and can’t get it to stop. The center cat mount is in place and every rubber mount is there, I’m thinking the center one is wore out. - It needs a tire balance as it shakes anytime I’m over 65 mph. They probably won’t balance due to the age of the tires. Bonus picture of the mustang crowd that decided I was cool enough to park next too.
  5. Always a day late and a buck short. I’ve found a bunch that were already sold on here. Anyone have one they are selling? Or going to be selling. Mine is pretty crusty, it works but weeps on a full tank.
  6. Yeah same here. I’ll have to scan a couple photos next time I’m at my mothers house. I’m guessing it wasn’t a popular seller but who knows.
  7. Ive searched but have yet to find a def. answer. Everything thread is about replacing them with a alternate light. Both my B-pillar lights are in place, and move up and down freely. Just neither of them work. I wanted to rule out bulbs/check for power. What is the safe way to get the lenses off without breaking the the lights? Thank you
  8. 10K for a 4.0? Damn!! You could buy a entire XJ and swap everything you need over multiple time for 10K. Look into a donor XJ to swap over.
  9. Thank you. His was the lighter color blue that he special ordered. It was pretty beat, but made it 300K when he traded it. I have never seen another blue one with the grey fender flares/trim. Mostly white, and a couple reds.
  10. Looks good. That’s a decent Jeep for $270.00. Ive been trying to find a blue 2door with the grey flares for some time like the one my late father had. It’s nice to see they all don’t get cut up and beat to hell and people are bettering them.
  11. For my WK2 questions, Jeepforum is decent, or google. But since Verticlescope bought them the adds are crazy. I’ve kinda let my build threads die there and haven’t re-upped my paid membership because of it.
  12. Put about 20 miles on it around town today. It runs and shifts and stops good. But adding to the list of repair, as it keep growing. -oil leaks (pretty major oil leak). I believe is the valve cover gasket. I snugged the bolts which several were just finger tight so hopefully that’s part of the problem. -exhaust rattle. The cat is rattling against the cross member. I’m not sure if it has the same brakes like the xj a that hangs the cat. -interior lighting (all of it is inop) -steering wheel is off center -brakes are pretty grabby, I think I’ve got the backs adjusted a little tight.
  13. Yes sir! Sorry, I guess I should of described it better
  14. Looking into why my ebrake is inop, I assumed it was because of a broken cable, apparently the P.O. removes the bolts/washers off of the threaded rod. Anyone know what’s supposed to be there hardware wise? Is it just a washer and a bit? For some reason I remember a spring on my XJ but could be wrong. Bonus points if anyone knows what thread size the threaded rod is. I’ve tried every bit in my collection but nothing seems to go on smoothly. thanks
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