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  1. I heat my shop with a forced air wood burner. Mine is home-made one copied from the ones the major home improvement ones sell. It takes about an hour to get it going (I don’t leave it running 24-7). But once it’s going it will push you out of my 3 car shop. I have to open the garage door and let some of the heat out after a while. I guess thats the draw back of a home made one. I also have a electric fan on a timer that will turn on and off every 15 minutes to circulate the air around it which makes a huge difference in the garage. I burn pre
  2. Illinois is kind of a drag, especially with a out of state salvage title. I’ll have to research, The Berliner kills it for me as well.
  3. Yeah, I haven’t begun the strip my interior yet. I know it’s gonna be a project looking up at my floor boards. I had to use the Jeep as a daily over Christmas for a couple weeks so I didn’t want to pull it apart and have to rent a car because I got over my head project wise. I’m hoping it’s under the seat, or behind the rear panel. I’ve replaced the Drivers door and I didn’t find it.
  4. I think it gets relisted. I’m sure at someone point a junk yard or scrap company probably picks them up for pennies. If it had a clear title I’d consider it, throw a front clip on it and flip it. It’s a shame that it was totaled.
  5. Wow it’s been a while since I’ve been on here I need to get better and updating my own posts. I’ve been driving the Comanche as a back up vehicle currently. I’ve put about 2000 Miles on it since the frame was fixed and have had no real problems with anything. The only thing major that happened was my drivers window mech died. I searched for a another but ended up finding a whole set of manual doors for it. Since my drivers door was Swiss cheese I made the switch. Def. not the correct shade of red, but it keeps the rain out. I’ll have to get to work on updati
  6. Well I can't believe it’s been that long since I updated. I ended up fixing the frame. I have a friend who is a very good welder, we completely rebuilt the frame and she it back on the road. For whatever reason the pictures aren’t saved here, So I’m going to have to hunt them down. Other then that I’ve been driving it all summer. It really needs body work, and rust repair but it runs and drives great, and seems to be pretty reliable. Things done this summer: New exhaust from “a” pipe all the way back New SERP. Belt New valve cover gasket I’ve p
  7. This one was part of the collection where I bought mine. (Jeep hoarder forced selling by County). Its a little more ragged then it was, as the seller stripped the tail lights and looks like some trim. It was a plow jeep, and the sub frame was reinforced with angle iron. From the bed forward actually was in decent shape. It ran and moved under it's own power as well. I think it was only $150.00 or so when I looked at it. It was more interested in mine and trying to save it from the scrap yard that I didn't think twice about it. Now looking back I should of paid $150 taken the tail ligh
  8. Nice Truck!! glad the old owner told you to stop by.
  9. Yeah I feel the same way. It’s a good runner, its rusty but will make a good work truck/DD. It just sucks that I can't weld as I am at the mercy of other people. I don’t believe there is any more, but this weekend I plan on taking a screw driver and do som prodding.
  10. Thanks for your advice I appreciate it. It is going to be fixed. My welder friend looked at it last night and was pretty confident in it being stronger then ever. (He’s a experienced boilermaker). I am going to hammer around and make sure there isn’t anything else that is scary. The underbody is scaly, but solid from where I’ve prodded before. The truck is rusty but drives and runs like a top. I don’t think is worthy of a junkyard, at least for Illinois standards.
  11. That’s what I figured. It looks like it’s spot welded on there only and doesn’t look to bad to come off. Thanks for your help.
  12. Yeah I think I’m going to try. At least have a buddy weld in a panel. Thanks for the pics!
  13. Yeah I know. This thing has fought me at every step so far. It almost like it wants to be parted out I swear.
  14. Did you remove the spring hanger? Or go around it? It gives me hope, I’ve got a pretty good metal fabricating friend so hopefully he will take a look.
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