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  1. Lthompson741

    rustiest MJ

    This one was part of the collection where I bought mine. (Jeep hoarder forced selling by County). Its a little more ragged then it was, as the seller stripped the tail lights and looks like some trim. It was a plow jeep, and the sub frame was reinforced with angle iron. From the bed forward actually was in decent shape. It ran and moved under it's own power as well. I think it was only $150.00 or so when I looked at it. It was more interested in mine and trying to save it from the scrap yard that I didn't think twice about it. Now looking back I should of paid $150 taken the tail lights, dome lights and tail gate, and let it go to scrap. I know a jeep flipper bought a couple things from this collection, and obviously hes trying to cash in now that it's stripped.
  2. Nice Truck!! glad the old owner told you to stop by.
  3. Yeah I feel the same way. It’s a good runner, its rusty but will make a good work truck/DD. It just sucks that I can't weld as I am at the mercy of other people. I don’t believe there is any more, but this weekend I plan on taking a screw driver and do som prodding.
  4. Thanks for your advice I appreciate it. It is going to be fixed. My welder friend looked at it last night and was pretty confident in it being stronger then ever. (He’s a experienced boilermaker). I am going to hammer around and make sure there isn’t anything else that is scary. The underbody is scaly, but solid from where I’ve prodded before. The truck is rusty but drives and runs like a top. I don’t think is worthy of a junkyard, at least for Illinois standards.
  5. That’s what I figured. It looks like it’s spot welded on there only and doesn’t look to bad to come off. Thanks for your help.
  6. Yeah I think I’m going to try. At least have a buddy weld in a panel. Thanks for the pics!
  7. Yeah I know. This thing has fought me at every step so far. It almost like it wants to be parted out I swear.
  8. Did you remove the spring hanger? Or go around it? It gives me hope, I’ve got a pretty good metal fabricating friend so hopefully he will take a look.
  9. Rest of the frame looks decent. Put my hand thru the frame in this small place in front of rear spring hanger. Would the uni-body plating solve my issue? After everything ive done to this thing I’m pretty bummed at this point. The truck is rusty, but this is the only frame issue. It even still has floor pans in it. thankfor any opinions. Gotta love living in the rust belt.
  10. Well found a downfall of the Comanche. Put my hand thru it while crawling around under it. Unsure where to go from here. The Jeep was undercoated and apparently the undercoating covered it pretty well as it look like nothing till I grabbed it. Kind of sucks after getting it running/driving and almost to D.D. Status.
  11. Yeah, I was looking at adding a flex pipe in the same location as yours. I’ve welded all my pipe clamped joints together now, and the banging and clanging has gone away for the most part. Just removing the banging has added to the driving experience immensely, now I kinda want to drive it as it’s so quiet.
  12. Well after wanting to get out in the garage tonight, but didn’t want to lay on the cold floor, I decided to do something about my fog lights. The P.O. decided to weld cheap harbor freight lights on top of the factory brackets. I took the grinder out and deburing tool and managed to save the factory mounts. While cleaning my garage I found a somewhat busted factory set of xj fogs that I was going to throw away. Well after a night in the garage, “rebuilding” the factory fogs and installing, the front end looks much more complete. Not to bad for no money spent. You can see the P.O.’s handy work if you zoom into the snow picture.
  13. Looks really good. Thanks for the fender pics that you cut off. Makes a lot more sense to me now.
  14. I don’t know about that. I wasn’t too worried about door dings tho.
  15. I’ve been putting miles on it trying to shake the bugs out lately. It runs and drives decent. - —After tightening the valve cover, I am no longer leaking oil. - the drivers window broke loose the corrosion and now rolls all the way up. - New windshield goes in tomorrow ( I hope they don’t complain about the fuel leak and refuse.). the bad: - when the gas tank is topped off, the sending unit leaks. So have to figure that out. I’ve already saved the thread about new O rings. But I think it also may be related to the metal rusting out. (I put a new tank in it, and rebuilt the sending unit lowers already.). I posted a want add for a sending unit but unsure what the plan going forward is. -The exhaust vibrates against the cross member. It’s driving me nuts, I’ve unbolted and rebooted everything several times and can’t get it to stop. The center cat mount is in place and every rubber mount is there, I’m thinking the center one is wore out. - It needs a tire balance as it shakes anytime I’m over 65 mph. They probably won’t balance due to the age of the tires. Bonus picture of the mustang crowd that decided I was cool enough to park next too.
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