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  1. Nice build thread. Just read thru it on my lunch break. Beautiful truck. I could only wish to find something that clean in the rust belt. Heck half of the junk yard pics you posted contained cleaner trucks then whats on the road up here.
  2. Lthompson741

    The [poor] little guy

    Looks like a fun project. I’m not so sure about working outside with the temps you posted but I suppose wouldn’t be too bad. Looks like a pretty decent MJ otherwise.
  3. Any updates? I enjoyed following your build. Looks like you were making some progress. Did you get to use the plow yet?
  4. Lthompson741

    My '92 XJ dilemma.

    I had to go back and look at the pictures, I didn't catch that it was all manual, non power anything. That makes me like it even more!
  5. Lthompson741

    junkyard score!

    I've always wanted to get one of those lightbars and adapt it to fit a XJ. Don't see many liberty's on the road with them anymore. Hell hardly see any Liberty's period.
  6. Lthompson741

    My '92 XJ dilemma.

    Love the ZJ! I don't think i've ever even seen one for sale. I would probably jump on it if I did.
  7. Lthompson741

    questions about selling my jeeps

    Well a little update, I sold my 92 XJ. I ended up listing it for $900 bucks thinking I would be sitting on it for a while, being it's a rusty beat up 5speed and it sold in 24 hours. So now I am down to my 85XJ and the 88MJ. I spend some time on the 85 cleaning it up, reattaching badges, cleaning the interior, and maintance. I really didn't drive it all too much as it's needs tires. I am on the fence on selling it, and may just sit on it for a while, but I'm still trying to figure it out.
  8. Lthompson741

    Project: Scrapyard Save

    Actually there were probably 3 or 4 2doors there. 2 ran and drove and were sold off to someone who was going to build them up. The other two were so rusted that they barely made it on the trailer and were parted. The 2 door in the pic with my comanche sold for $300 bucks, 4 banger 5 speed 4x4. I would of jumped on it if I knew, but the owner sold everything but the Comanche. He also had another 2wd 6cyl comanche that he sold for $800 that drove home.
  9. Your a lot farther then me at this point. I did the injectors and Alternator and ran out of time and money. Good score on the bedsides!
  10. Dang, how far away from the rust belt did you have to venture for those?
  11. Lthompson741

    questions about selling my jeeps

    the pictures I posted are older. The steps and flag stickers are gone. All the is left from the P.O. is the tow lights under the rear bumper, and the flat tow hook ups, up front. It has no rust at all on it. It lived in Arizona it's entire life and I'm pretty sure it's never seen salt. It's spent two winters in storage now with me owning it, and the P.O. was in Arizona every winter since new. I appreciate the advice and I may do that. Maybe this one will be the first to go.
  12. Lthompson741

    questions about selling my jeeps

    It's a factory tire carrier. It believe it's got AMC markings on it.
  13. Lthompson741

    questions about selling my jeeps

    I don't have a price I would sell it for a decent price to someone who would appreciate it. I don't have much in it, and am not trying to get rich. Thanks for the comments guys I also think it's a very nice Jeep and way to nice to cut up. Its about as loaded as 1985 can get: - factory tire carrier -Jeep sentry system -power locks, power windows and seats. Power mirrors -Keyless Entry (Remotes MIA) -Fog lights -Dealer added AMC/Jeep splash guards (1 is a repop). -A/C that still works -Tape Deck It's been repainted, as I was told the Arizona sun killed the clear coat. It is by no means a good paint job, but it looks decent. I love it, just wish it had any other motor besides the 2.8L
  14. Lthompson741

    questions about selling my jeeps

    here's the pics of the 85... i can upload from my phone...
  15. Lthompson741

    questions about selling my jeeps

    Here is a couple of pics of the 85. It's a Arizona Jeep it was repainted because of clear coat failing at one point, but is the factory color. Everything works on it, even the A/C.