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  1. Thanks. The mileage is legit, but I'll have to pull the carpet up and check for moisture. The old man really didn't drive it in winter, so I would be surprised if there was any rot. (But photos will tell.) So the 5 speed is a Peugeot? Are they known as troublesome? And I can see where the "no A/C" would be a handicap. If my garage wasn't full I'd keep it, but it's just the wife and I and four vehicles (Including a '03 Wrangler Sport-WITH air conditioning!). Thanks for the info.
  2. Spring finally showed up and I got around to some photos. I'm want to list it, but I understand that there is a ten post minimum to list? Zero rust. Am I cry to think it's worth 8k?
  3. 5 speed manual, 4WD w/ factory white spoke rims. I’m in N. Idaho. I’ll wash it up and post some pics next week. No idea what it’s worth. Thanks.
  4. I've been sitting on Dad's '88 Comanche for a couple of years. 6 cylinder. Original condition; 80k miles, "US Olympic" driver's side window sticker. I run it regularly, but dad barely put any miles on it for the last ten years and had to replace the rear main seal from sitting idle so much. Only thing that doesn't work is the radio. I'm thinking of putting it up for sale. Whats' the market like? Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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