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  1. I got yellow tops in both of my jeeps. An 88 manche and 96 cherokee. They fit without a problem and I reused the stock tie downs. The only thing i noticed is that they are a little small for the battery box.
  2. i will do. i ordered it yesterday. I'm hoping it will be in before the weekend so i can get it put together before the blessing of the jeeps this weekend. summit has been quick with past orders.
  3. http://m.summitracing.com/parts/cca-cl68-232-4 I'm thinking this is the cam I want. What do you guys think?
  4. Well the cause to no compression was the lack of a camshaft lobe. The lifter collapsed and wore out the cam shaft and push rod. Probably gunna end up getting a mild cam and maybe springs.
  5. well thanks for the help guys! i found the problem! no compression on cylinder 6! I'm pulling the engine tonight.
  6. A connecter for the cps to the harness was all melted and the o2 sensor wiring was messed up. I'm curious if some wires could have crossed and shorted out the ecu?
  7. bypassed the egr and still nothing. also replaced the coil and control module from ones out of the junk yard but still nothing.
  8. Plugs and wires are relatively new and in good shape. i will have to check into the EGR.
  9. The map sensor is working and the vacumm line is fine. :???:
  10. So my comanche started missfiring really bad all over the board and running really rich. It has no power and going through gas like no other. All the grounds are cleaned and TPS are working as they should. So far the knock sensor has been replaced, the o2 sensor and the coolant temp sensor. Looked and found no vacumm leaks. Replaced the intake manifold gasket and still the same thing. Found a connecter to the CPS that was melted and just spliced in another and the o2 sensor wiring was all jacked up. Also the check engine light never came on through all this. Starting to think there might be a problem with the computer itself. Its a 1988 4.0 auto 4x4.
  11. alright to add to this today i was leaving class and i start the comanche everythings fine. I turn on the head lights and it stalls out and dies. when i pull the switch all the guages turned off and the headlights wouldnt turn on. so i start checking fuses and nothing. so i start seeing if everything was working. i pull the hazards and try the headlights again and the turn on. so everything seems fine. and the brake lights now work along with the hazards!! also the left hand turn signal light is on on the dash. so my guess is there is a ghost in my wiring somewhere. Pete the harness on the under the bed looks fine and is in good condition. i went through all the bulbs and connectors that i could find and put dielectric grease in them for assurance. it does have a hitch and a trailer harness but i have'nt looked to see if its factory or not. i will do that tomorrow after work.
  12. so i tested the switch and it operates like its supposed to and i checked all the fuses . I also noticed my hazards don't work along with the hi beams. any help will be very appreciated!
  13. I tried to bypass the brake light switch with no avail and replaced the fuse. The plastic shield came off but was otherwise in tact. The light bulbs look fine but I suppose I can pull them out and inspect them further. But I'm confused as to which bulb actually lights up when the brakes are applied. When the running lights are on the top and middle bulbs are lit up but the bottom does not light up which I'm assuming is the reverse lights.
  14. So i recently purchased my 3rd comanche. Its a 1988 pioneer 4.0 auto on the column 4x4. Its got a couple of minor problems of which the one I can't figure out is the brake lights. It seems that they don't come on at all, but when I turn on the running lights the top two bulbs light up in the tails. Also it dosent seem to have reverse lights. The reverse lights I'm guessing is the nss.
  15. I got rid of my comanche last summer and have regreted it ever since. i have since gotten a purple 1999 cherokee sport. I'm looking to get back into the camanche game and i am saving money for college and looking for a stock jeep to drive from ohio to michigan. my cherokeee has 197000 miles but runs great and has no issues other than its missing the rear window wiper. a couple weeks ago i put on a rustys 4.5 inch lift kit with a rear addaleaf. its got a set of 33" maxxis big horns all evenly worn with at least 65% tread. its a 4.0 auto 4wd. the rockers are rusty but other wise the body is in reasonable condidtion with no mismatched/ miscolored parts. no major dents. If you have any questions give me a call or email at any time. 231-263-2626 jeffreybaynton@yahoo.com thanks, Jeff
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