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  1. I'm having an issue with my 1986 Manuel. I've got the brake lights, head lights and reverse lights working but for some reason I can't get the running lights to work. I've tried the fuses, changing out the wire harness and even the flasher switch with no luck. Please help... At this point I'll try any ideas you guys have.
  2. --onlyinajeep726 -- Sorry for the late response, I have a terrible Summer cold that seems to not want to go away. I don't think I want to do a bench seat in this truck. I am a HUGE bench seat fan but I will be using this one mostly in the dirt so I am thinking to go with Buckets.
  3. Great! Thank you for looking out!! Let me take out the interior this weekend/rip up the carpet and compile a list of everything I need. Ill PM you Dirteatr717
  4. HELLO! This is my second MJ build. My first one I am doing a complete de-rust and restore on so it is going very slow. this one I am more concerned about the engine and driving around with the rest just falling into place as I go. I have had this truck for just about a year now. I got it about 5 hours away and what a back story that trip was... I still laugh at it every time I tell it. It did make it all the way.. regardless of what the cops think. But its kind of long so I won't go into the details since we all know everyone LOVES pictures! Anyways once I finally got home 5 hours turning into to days... I parked it and got into a non-starting problem that led to one thing after another. So now here she is, back up and running and now I don't know where to start. Probably with more engine upgrades + grounding upgrades. 1987 MJ base model? with a 1990 XJ engine swap - 4X4 long box with dana 35 OD green with a what star and EARLY in white on the side of the box... the wheels are spray painted OD green as well. As I don't mind the color... I do HATE this paint job and it will be needing to be fixed ASAP. After I get the engine running right first. As I was taking these pictures I realized the parking brake does not work... guess I found my next fix! This door doesn't open as for right now. Its not one of my main concerns just yet... Here is one of the problems I see in the future of this truck.... it has farm tags... I for see a battle with the DMV And here is the other problem... She has been rolled... and the back window ill never been the same. but no worries... I have ideas Just a shot of the inside of the roll Torn seat.. Tan and maroon mixed interior while just looking around at the interior I found this... soaked carpet and bolted on rust repairs. P.O.s wood box mini dash I thought was cute... If i stay with the military theme I will switch this out with part of the many ammo cans I have Dummy lights. Cracked dash and I think that's a clock? oh and you can see the tan/maroon here... Here I took this picture to show the paint job and of course the dents. I already pulled a hood from my local JY to replace it. and the last few picture of the engine. I'm no mechanic so I am just overly joyed that I got it back running!!! Of course Much Thanks to the few people on here you have gave me their time and advice!!! The manuals and guilds only go so far.. The plans for this truck as of right now are to keep it running!!! LOL make it street legal but not driving it on the street that much. I have my other MJ for that purpose. I am thinking of keeping it with the military theme and making it OD green with Dark Blue accents and upgrades to make it rocking worthy. This will be a slow build because I am horrible at updating but I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!
  5. Wow! This picture just makes me hate rust more!,,
  6. I'm so glad someone was there and was actually paying attention!!!! Get well soon!!!!
  7. Don't forget to take pictures for us :-) And good luck with the lift
  8. Agh I would totally go but the AF has got me locked down form the 31st-6th.
  9. I'm in Seymour Johnson AFB.... Goldsboro NC. I frequently go to Raleigh NC and Chesapeake VA. I unfortunately have three MJs that don't run. I have 1 I might be able to get cranking by the time for a meet and great :yes:
  10. Stopped working on the jeep during the winter so I could fix up my DD a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500. But now back to Odie! I got the brake drums off the D35 and opened up the Differential to find sparkly oil and chunky gears :( ... I could pull one off of one of the other Comanches I have but I'm in the mood to go with an 8.8 SOA. So now the hunt begins. In the mean time I need to get new leaf springs, break lines, fix up gas tank, sand/paint frame and finish painting the bed. I also need to fix the non-start issue in my 87 MJ.
  11. OK I got all my photos back up! I figured out what happened to all the pictures. I use Photo Bucket to post all of my pictures and while I was in Photo Bucket one day I re-arranged all my photos around and lost all the links to the pictures I had posted on my build. Ill tell ya what it was a major PITA putting them all back up here.... I'd rather be outside taking more!
  12. Mine would have got a -10! I'm still dealing with his mess!
  13. Can't wait to see the progress on this one. Seems like your PO was something special ☺️
  14. You going to keep it the same color and decals?
  15. Thank you all much! That's way more info then what I had! I always heard the D44 was the way to go. So two other questions ...if I'm looking to do SOA I have to weld the perches anyways right? And also what's the huge deal with disc breaks vs drum breaks? Is the breaking power or maintence any different and is that something that is considered a plus? I also heard (could be wrong too) that the breaking power isn't any different. Sorry for so many questions :-) I have the tools and the will power but lack the knowledge
  16. I'm looking to get a Dana 44 for my 91 MJ. I'm hitting up a few junk yards soon and was wondering which vehicles have them. Also what should I be looking for as far as the good/bad?
  17. I like this idea alot. It would be simple and quick for the ones that are just figuring out the website if it was added on with the user name or Avatar. For the ones that don't want to put in there city or state, would it be possible to put "not available" or "not provided". I don't know if that's even an option with the computer program and what not but it's just an idea.
  18. OH MAN! your right. I wonder what happend???
  19. Yes Seymour Johnson AFB. There is also a guy that drives a black Comanche on base here too but I haven't been able to track him down without becoming a total creeper lol
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