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  1. I actually built it to be both. You can throw a cushion on it and chill
  2. I've been working on this rack for my rooftop tent
  3. What's wrong with the Manche?
  4. That sounds good. I'll try to figure out a date for Carolina Beach, y'all let me know when you're headed to Uwharrie that's only about 40 minutes from me
  5. Let's try to get together a date to meet at Carolina Beach
  6. I will probably be there around 11:30 just to make sure I'm not late
  7. I was hoping we could eat at twin peaks. Has anyone ever been there? It's great
  8. Awesome guys. Looks like we will have great weather for this.
  9. Sounds good. I have a couple different jeeps coming with me
  10. Maybe you can get everything in, ya never know
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