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antenna grommet?

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You can get assortments of rubber grommets, vinyl caps, etc. at some parts stores but they're usually limited stock or special order. In my area, it's NAPA, O'Reilly, Advance and AutoZone. I've seen 170-180 piece grommet and cap kits on Amazon for $12-$20. When I'm finishing up my project I'm going to need a few various/ sundry of these and will probably order one of each, caps and grommets.


For your antenna wire pass-through I'd get a solid rubber grommet, punch the wire through it, get it properly situated and then smear a little RTV around the wire on both sides. That ought to last for 10+ years.

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I have this exact same problem. My original antenna was bastardized by the PO. I replaced it with one from another 88 cherokee and the sheet steel punch out hole was a larger diameter than the rubber plug on the antenna cable. The rubber plug on my antenna cable did not slide along the cable either. I was not using excessive force, but I could not get it to move.


My solution is grab a new rubber grommet from mcmaster and either shove the entire antenna cable and old rubber plug through the new grommet or slice off the old rubber plug from the cable, buy a new plug, make a slit, attach the plug to the cable and add a little bit of silicone to the slit.

Either method should work. I just have to take some measurements first.


Something like this:



Or this



Or this:


I'm leaning toward the last link and just making a slit.







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24 minutes ago, Aidenmoreno3 said:

Does anyone know the size of that hole??


I'm guessing its between 1" and 1.5". gonna get a cheapo micrometer tomorrow and measure  



The hole size varies depending on year.

I have 2 different plug diameter OEM antenna cables. Its kinda bonkers. Only one of them was correct.


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Just in case this helps anyone else in my position down the line, 1992 base model: according to the caliper it’s a size 1.25”. 

these are the two I’m gonna try. I’m gonna cut out or punch out a hole in the middle to see if I can feed the antenna wire through. Hopefully no leaks this time 🤞🏽 


(1.25” is roughly 32mm)


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Aight last one.

It worked! Both grommets came in this morning (amazing delivery time lol) I decided to use the 2nd grommet listed in my last post. Punched a small hole in it, fed the wire and it fit like a glove. 

Here’s how it looked from the inside. 

Hope this helps some more people with similar issues:


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