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1990 Comanche Eliminator

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32 minutes ago, Ωhm said:

The Cruise/Trans SW electrically is used by the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) for the purpose of disengaging the Torque Converter, when brake pedal is depressed.

Ah, so I didn't need to fight for 10 minutes getting it plugged in as I have a manual.  That explains why the valve that I got that came out of a manual truck didn't have the plug.

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8 minutes ago, eaglescout526 said:

Yeah I have seen that switch used for the transfer case and cruise control

So you are saying it might disengage cruise if for instance the t case is not in high range?  I'll have to test that.

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Good news today, the roads were dry enough to drive the truck and test the cruise control, it works!  It does need to be tuned as the variation and aggressiveness is hilarious.


In bad news today, my clutch stopped working.  Pedal goes to the floor yet the master cylinder is full.  I suspect it might have a collapsed soft line that isn't allowing fluid to move to the slave cylinder.

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