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89 comanche parts

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I was at the junkyard today and came across a 89 2wd automatic comanche. There is another rig there also but it looked pretty picked over.  I am still not sure what parts are in high demand  but if anyone is looking for something in particular I could take a look.  The junkyard is only 10 minutes from the house.  I have the vin number if this might help.   1J7FT36L3KL621512.  

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Welcome to the addiction! 


You are probably wondering why the classifieds won't let you post there, you need to have 10 posts elsewhere within the forum before they will open up for you. 


Parts that are in high demand are any of the Comanche specific items. Easy items to grab are the tail lights and cargo light/switch (if the truck had it). Tailgate, bucket seats (with the MJ base that tilt forward), center console, rear window, etc. are all other sought after items as well that cannot be found in Cherokees. 

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8 hours ago, Canine Cheese said:

I pulled the window lifts and used them for mine..  It did have both rear tail lights.  

@acfortierwhat am I looking for in regards to the switch? and light  It did have both lights in the pillars..  But you do know that you can replace with a vw bug light?  pops right in.  

Cargo light is for the bed, not the B pillar/dome lights.

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