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1990 Eliminator. The journey of Black Bird.

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so I was able to find 6 of the egr valves in California. 6 different PEP BOYS had one in stock. Got one shipped and should be here tomorrow.   


Other items ordered and on the way for this week:


Tomco IAT sensor.  This will be mounted in the air box, not the intake manifold.


Bilstein front and rear shocks

Bar pin eliminators for the front shocks.

JKS adjustable upper control arms

JKS lower adjustable control arms

JKS sway bar quick disconnects

JKS Adjustable track bar

front extended stainless brake lines

front sway bar isolators

steering stabilizer and shock boot.


The interior is completed except for installing the Hurst Shifter.    There is a  layer of dyna mat on every interior metal surface including the roof.  I did a double layer under the carpet along with a heat shielding 1/8th foam pad as an insulator as well.  Every single piece of interior panel/plastic was disassembled, cleaned and sprayed with the correct color matching SEM vinyl dye.  The leather wrapped steering wheel was also refurbished and looks like new again.  The original seats were soaked in Purple Power (full strength) and let set for 24 hours, then pressure washed with 140 degree water.  After a week in front of a fan they were dry and look like new again.











interior 2.jpg






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this week I was also able to finish the rear lift and differential install.  I painted the Hell Creek spring pack with a mixture of Rustoleum #7777 oil based satin black and Acetone.  I mix it 50/50 and spray it out of a gun and it is an excellent finish. It's the best thing I have found for a satin black chassis finish. It dries fast and hard and is very durable.


Added new clear coated brake lines and a stainless brake extended hose to compensate for the 4" lift.


Next up is pulling the front end and getting the ACOS installed.  Getting closer with this one.





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2 hours ago, 89 MJ said:

What sized lift did you go with?

Hell creek 3" springs in the rear. gave me 3.75 upon initial installation. Should settle to 3" to 3.25".  I am adding a set of adjustable shackles to pick up another .5 to 1".    The fronts are OME 2.75" springs with JKS ACOS for a minimum of 3.25". I can adjust the front for additional lift after I get the winch and carrier all mounted up.   With the ACOS I have adjustability and no need for the poly spacers.

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On 2/2/2021 at 1:28 PM, Jesse J said:

you changed your pfp and it totally threw me off. 

Just seeing this now. :roflmao: I gotta keep you on your toes! It will probably change again come spring. 



OP, I feel like we need to see more pictures of this beauty! :drool:

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5 minutes ago, 89 MJ said:

Just seeing this now. :roflmao: I gotta keep you on your toes! It will probably change again come spring. 



OP, I feel like we need to see more pictures of this beauty! :drool:

would I be correct to assume it might contain a green.


:iagree:especially on the outside

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  I reinstalled the bed this week and got a good measurement for the rear shocks. They are on the way now.  Other new parts that showed up at the shop during this blizzard include the Hella H-4 headlights with the heavy duty harness, Tomco IAT sensor, new EGR valve from sunny California, all the front suspension pieces except for the stainless braided extended brake lines.  I haven't started on yanking the Dana 30 yet but it is next on my list.  


couple more "out of paint photos".    I had my paint guy paint the JEEP letters on the tailgate before clearcoat.  Smooth as a babies @$$ and no stickers.  This Jeep was sold new from Denver Jeep/Eagle Colorado.    It still had the dealers emblem on the tailgate and my painter is restoring it p put it back on the truck.  The inside of the bed is literally dent free and my initial plan was to Linex it.  I may end up having my painter paint it like new since I have an original JEEP bed mat to put in the bed.




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So I yanked the front dif yesterday.  Out with the old and in with the new.  It’s getting a 4.11 and Detroit Tru-trac. New ball joints, bearing, brakes and seals.  Plus a nice paint job.   Then a bunch of new JKS suspension, stainless braided brake lines, Bilstein shocks and OME springs.









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I am installing the Mishomoto aluminum radiator in this truck and ditching the closed coolant system and heater control valve assembly.  I'm doing this to help clean up and un-clutter the engine compartment.


So today I got into modifying my harness to allow for the installation of the 2.5L radiator overflow bottle.  I removed the EGR solenoid and the fuel pump ballast resistor from the inner fender and mounted it underneath the master cylinder behind the air box.  it was a fairly simple operation that included lengthening three of the four wires.  I soldered all the connections and used shrink tube on the wires and then put them all back in the main harness loom.  After relocating the stuff  I installed the overflow bottle using the existing holes designed for it.  As long as the egr solenoid and the ballast resistor work correctly this was a fairly easy mod.


Now I need to find the correct cap for the bottle.













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Pulled the front differential apart today.  Passenger side bearing and axle have been HOT! at some point.   The vac disconnect tests good so I am going to keep it intact for now. New ball joints, wheel bearings, seals, control arm bushings, axle u-joints, rotors, calipers and shoes on the way.  I’ll do the Detroit Tru-Trac and 4.11 while it’s on the bench also.  But first it’s getting a bath and a new paint job.  I’ll bead blast all the small stuff as well.






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Worked on the ACOS and freshening up the front wheel wells.  This truck’s original finish is in fabulous shape but I wanted to  make it look a little better.  Scuffed everything good, wiped it down with thinner and hit it with a couple of coats of satin black. Then installed the ACOS and new stainless brake line. Turned out pretty nice.  I need to refurb the inner fender liner and then get the liners and flares installed.  Hoping to have the front end back together by the end of the week.




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Today my phone rings. Colorado area code. Answered it even though I figured it was spam.  .....but lets back up a month.......


month ago I googled the name of the original owner of my 1990 eliminator that is the subject of this thread.  A name matching his was found in Colorado’s voter registration database with an address in the same town as the address on the title.  I took a chance and wrote a letter and mailed it off.......


so the phone call was him. Super friendly 70’ish fellow that was excited to talk about his old truck and give me some history.  It was certainly an hour on the phone well spent. Made a new friend and sometime in the future I might be receiving the original window sticker to black bird.  He sent me this picture from January 1991.  There is more coming.  It’s a good day.


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