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Can this mechanical fan be salvaged?

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Just a little frustrated. Short story; new fan shroud hit my fan and bent the ends of the blades ->



I hope you can tell from the pictures. Can I bend them back without throwing it out of balance :dunno: or is it best to just get a new one? Just looking for a piece of mind, so I don’t constantly worry about it 👍🏻

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I had a fan with 2 blades bent like that and didn't know it so no idea how long it was that way.  When I found it I bent them back and didn't notice any difference in the sound or anything coming from the fan.  I suppose it could cause added wear on the water pump over time if not perfectly balanced.  :dunno:


Like stated above, get a replacement if you are worried about it.  They can be had cheap.

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8 hours ago, JustEmptyEveryPocket said:

I have some in my parts pile. For shipping I could send one to you. PM me if you want.

You the man! I may be pm’ing you.

It’s just the outer tips that are bent if that matters? What about putting it in the lathe to spin it to look for any wobble? Would that work?

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