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Woah Black Betty! Ham or Lamb?!

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Backstory on how i got this truck:


About 8 months or so ago when Bo (shelvyluvv) was selling his 86 MJ, black betty, we started talking about it and he talked me into buying it. Ended up throwing him some cash over the next few months and built him some bumpers for his cj5, that he sold before I could deliver the bumpers. But that worked out a little better for me.(has now turned into building a rear bumper for his 48 ford.)


Sounds like an awesome exchange, and it was, except we were/are 2000 miles apart. I'm in Cory, Indiana and he is in 29 palms, California.


So we set a date for the end of February and slowly started to count down the days.


During this time I got ahold of John Jackson (johnj) and ended up going 500 miles north and picking up his TDI swapped MJ and hauling it out to Cali with me.

I ended up selling the cj5 bumper to a guy in cali and building a rear bumper, that some of you have seen, for Noah Bricker in Death Valley. Good timing and locations of buyers. (My trip is documented in the Pub section)


So I got Black Betty back home after 9 days on the road.

Half way through the 5.2L swap. All the hard work done, wiring and mounting the engine and transmission.


Still a lot of little stuff to do. Slowly getting it done.


Bo's original build thread...


Now for an image dump to get to present status...














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Can see my list of stuff to do.


Got the shifter cable ran and installed. Bo had a floor shifter already set up in the truck. The cable and everything was in the cab, we just had to route and hook it up.

That consisted of drilling a hole in the firewall to get inside the cab. The hole is drilled where the cable should go through (looked at my 1990 MJ with the floor shifter.


Opened up the rear diff and looked like someone pooped in it...cleaned that up. Front diff was super clean.

My dad Got all the wiring under the hood soldered together and done.


Took the maroon dash out to mess with brake pedal and brake light switch.

When I got the truck the brake pedal and bracket wasn't bolted in. Bo had started to figure out the brake light switch but we didn't really know how it was going so I just took a pedal and bracket out of my 88 parts truck and made the pedal fit the booster rod (knocked the stud out and bolted the rod eyelet on the pedal)

Had to put the pedal assembly in.



Interior will be tan because eventually I'm going to pai....eh, I'll leave that a surprise...




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Got a buuuunch of goodies with Betty too! A lot of black interior! An extra set of MJ seat brackets. Some sweet 80s chrome rain guards, some of Adam's bucket seat lever bezels, black bucket seats, a mini console with a change holder that there isn't many of, if any, out there.

No said since there's a 2.5L base in the tailgate, I should turn it into a 5.2L badge so I did, roughly. I'll clean it up

And I told him it wasn't a deal if the bunny didn't come with it! So got it!


And while I was at Noahs place he gave me a LWB driveshaft that I'll have to cut down to fit since the truck had no drive shafts and I was gonna have to have them made to length anyways



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Got a 5.2 y pipe from a buddy that was rebuilding his.


Very tight fit on the passenger side and I don't know how I'm gonna get the nuts in the flanges on the top side...


Stock 5.2 radiator top hose is close to fitting but not quite. Gonna have to chop it up and make my own. No biggie. Did it on my blue MJ


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Alright, I give up. What is that boomerang-shaped bracket that ties the frame to the upper control arm bolt?
That's the upper control arm drop bracket. It uses the lower drop bracket and the boomerang.

I've never seen a set up like this either. Cheap. 91906c8d9f55e402b246d21628390010.jpg37eac9b19870230b4a5ad9b03a1168d5.jpg

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Got it - thanks.  And yeah - I don't think I'd ever use that.
Bo and I just now realized it's missing a spacer in the top/stock control arm spot.

Ya,I don't think I'd personally put these on but I'm not swapping em right now or until I have to

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Past couple days I got the brake light switch bracket made and tacked in place for now.ill probably have to add a return spring to the pedal like on my blue MJ.
I took the LJ nerf bar off the passenger side. Looks so much better now!
Went and bought ZJ radiator hoses to see how they'll work.
I'll have to cut and splice but should be an easy job.
Put a radiator cap on too 52fd1ed2df5a79ac9d8955f805c6c122.jpgad979d101887b2788a270d820b7bcb1d.jpgd6f951eabb92c011552f38a5d9712a4a.jpg049d13606380180aa5594a5fbc44430f.jpg9aad58bdcc990b0706c826c78ccb187b.jpg925bf9977c40cdfd9b4c77579e253fa5.jpg783987dfde630f6e3a39d0306158a4c9.jpg6bc36ef5c4cdce6c036f65afd12cb0c7.jpga6ef242a6888a8f67a69449a90eb3dec.jpg297f9fec1d01c6d141822793c8d0cf0c.jpg72261079755d5060fe5c87d04eef466d.jpg

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  • 1 year later...

Wow I need to update this! I've done a lot of work since this! Got the radiator hoses ran, got tranny cooler and lines ran, got exhaust on, FINALLY got power to the fuel pump but now no spark (didnt look into it much yet)

AND I found all the pieces to a porno red interior finally. Red buckets and console too!

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It's actually not that bad. It's mostly all still in the factory wire looms or whatever. Its just all pulled down out of the dash. But it could be gone thru and cleaned up some. 90% of that gets tucked back under the dash like factory. Theres only a couple splices and extra plug ins that carried over between the different harnesses.

Bo did a really good job at marking and matching up ALL the wires. I woulda never committed to such an annoying process!

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