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locked keys in the MJ


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Son locked his keys in the MJ. No sliding rear window, door windows are rolled all the way up, what are the options?  I remember on a 85 Nissan 4x4 I had, locked the keys in, I was always able to get a wire coat hanger and fish between the door and window to grab the lock rod and pull forward or up, would that be an option here?



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I've used this method on other vehicles:  run to the store and get a pack of little wooden wedges.  get a hammer and pound in the wedges to pry back the passengers door enough to get a coat hanger in.  curl the hanger end so you can grab the pull handle inside and yank on it.  a rubber band on the end works great for rides that have the little pop-up thingie.


if all else fails, use the hammer to break the passenger side little triangle window.  they are the easiest/cheapest to replace.



and then get a copy of the door key made so this never happens again. :thumbsup:

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I took the easy way and broke the right vent window out.

I was in a Walmart Parking lot, and probably on security camera, but what the he**, it's my truck.


I have a sliding back window, but I couldn't read the door lock button, and had nothing to work with, so I broke the glass with my fist.

The lock buttons on my Comanche Chief are rocker type so there's nothing to grab and pull.

The inside door handles don't work when the door is locked, so it's not a matter of just pulling the release handle.


I should have broken the door window because I can get a new glass cheaper for the door than the vent window.

That's pricing it new on-line.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of Jeep pick and pulls near me, so I haven't priced a used one yet, except on E-***.


Right now it has a custom cut piece of PlexiGlas filling the hole, so it's not a problem.



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What Year is the MJ???


Anything 91+ you can just go to the dealer with the ownership and Your ID and They can cut you a New Key from the VIN number...

Everything Older is Slim Jim or Bust a Window, I would lean towards the Slim Jim method over the mess of a broken window...

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I like the "Billy D" method, Ha! Ha! Ha!..

Anyway, while I was at the drivers window playing with the wire coat hanger, I saw a small hole, (rust hole) where the tranny tunnel and floor meet on the drivers side. Crawled under and saw that its was almost a direct shot to the lock lever. After a few attempts with everything from a wood dowel to a small fishing pole, a 3 ft section of 1/2 copper tubing did the trick. That boy better make two extra keys especially since we need to patch that hole now!

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