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Mjotm - May, 2014 - Red Rocker79's '87 Sportruck

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It's May! Every month around here is really a special month for someone, right? Sometimes that person is chosen due to some long term project that has finally come to a close. Sometimes that person is chosen because of the they're always there and ready to give another piece of their endless knowledge. Sometimes that person is chosen just because they're an awesome member who isn't afraid to stand out. Sometimes that person is chosen because they fit the bill in just about every way ... and those are my favorite! You know the type: probably some loud paint job on their Comanche that you can't help but take notice too... little tidbits and ideas that you just might think are factory but are really just some creative ingenuity... that silly little something-or-other that you've noticed in their signature... Yup! This guy will do nicely!



Red Rocker79's '87 Sportruck!!!




1987 SWB Comanche "Sportruck"



AMC 2.5 – Stock except for an upgraded YJ/TJ Valve cover

AX-4, Dana 35, 4x2 system

Stock cooling system

Stock components

Stock components with the factory manual steering setup, perhaps a V8 ZJ TRE to be added eventually.

“OMP (Old Man Pants; you can thank neohic for that derivative title) Medium Blue” interior with J-Truck styled door panel designs. Factory 4-speaker setup as well as a factory “Dolby Surround Sound” cassette head unit.

Stock components


Stock. Soon to be upgraded with some decent KC amber fog-lights.


1979 J10 “Honcho” paint scheme as scene from the movie “Twister”, and various AMC related adds from the time. A unique touch to a unique truck. Needs more chrome though.  :yes:

OEM Turbine styled rims with 235/75/15 sized “Futura Scrambler” tires.

The truck originally came with factory cassette tape holders that cling to the sun-visors. I have never personally seen this in any other Jeep, although it may have been a special order thing. Also, a super-cool dash pad for added goodness.








Remember that one time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story 

A few years ago I went out one of FL's biggest car shows of the year (Ocala Pumpkin Run) with a few friends and their respective cars, as well as my fiance at the time. I remember pulling into the registration area and talking to the young woman handing out passes. Her daughter was next to her, and she began jumping up and down while tugging on her jacket. She kept pointing to my truck and saying “Mommy! Look! 'Lellow twuck! It's so pweety!” I had a laugh about it with her mom and my fiance, and when I went to drive away, she waved after me and shouted “Bye bye 'lellow twuck!” I thought it was really cute.  :yes:


CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So? ●

I like to think of the club as the go-to hangout spot for anyone with free time on their hands. There are all sorts of different folk coming into the mix with different ideas on how to fix, modify, and keep these trucks running in some way. I remember when I first bought my truck and found the club, I was very much so a newbie when it came to having the knowledge on how to fix and work on cars. I doubt that without this truck, and the dedication and patient help from all the members over the last few years I've been a part of the club, that I wouldn't know even a third of what I do now. Whether you're looking for tech-advice on modifying the drivetrain, or just looking for a good build thread to thumb through after a hard day of work, Comanche Club's got you covered.  :thumbsup:







I... dig... this... truck... PERIOD. These trucks just look great with stripes running all the way down the sides. ESPECIALLY when those stripes make the truck look even more dated than it already is! I like the look. I like the that it's simple yet still with a twist of custom. I like the old man pants blue interior! Tip of the cap to you, sir, and congratulations!



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I've been a fan of this one for a really long time. This is one of those MJs that is truly custom and I really love it for that. (I'm not sure you can have a flashier Comanche - maybe if the colors were metallic?) RR is a great guy, too. Congratulations on MJOTM and here's to a long future for this beautiful truck and its owner! :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the props everyone. :cheers: It's still got a long way to go before it's all said and done, but it'll get there one day. :thumbsup:

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Great job so far, but, as you said, it needs more chrome. Mirrors, tailgate handle, rear bumper, wipers, and a set of silver/chrome tail lamps to top it off. Then it will be RIGHT!  I'll keep my eye open for you.  :thumbsup:   Congratulations!

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