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whats your favOUrite stock MJ colour?


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I hated my lightish blue color on the MJ I first got it, was considering even painting it black. Now, I take pride in having a vehicle that people can notice coming from a mile away (unluckily I might have to sell it soon).




but any ways. i like the light blue or black. i tried to combine the two colors once, that didn't work too well. i found out two tone paint schemes on mjs don't look so well.



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Mine is currently DK Blue, kinda non discript. I don't really like it.


Its nice you made this post. As soon as I get my MJ back from the shop for the re-gearing. I will send it out for a paint job, and I havent decided on a color!!!


I like the look of the bright Dodge blue. its on some RAM's but I see it frequently on PT Cruisers, at least around here.


I saw a brite Yellow MJ in one of the rags and absolutely, LOVED the look!!! Trouble is I have blue interior...that would look like puke, Yellow and Blue interior...


I do have most everything to swap the interior over to Gray...that wouldnt be too bad.....I just thought, I do have gray seats and Gray headliner material to go in as soon as it gets warm enough... I don't know...



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Not partial to the light blue one, really like the dark one, and it certainly looks better than when I first got it. I wouldn't turn down a good Comanche for the color.

If I paint the 4x4, I leaning toward the color of my ZJ, I think it would look terrific...

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There's a house down the road from me that has what seems to be an Army surplus full-size Chevy pickup in camo, and I keep thinking it might be fun to camo one of the MJ clunkers.


The 87 shortbed I hope to restore is the medium grey metallic, and I think with the body work all fixed up and fresh paint that'll look really nice. Almost like pewter.

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