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Merry Christmas!


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i just got home from doing all my shopping lol started at noon


thats not that bad... my brother and i just finished up friday. pretty easy, not even much traffic ( for the atlanta area)


but i know what areas to avoid.. the shopping center i work at is the WORST, i have to go in around the side and take the back of the parking lot... even when its NOT christmas.

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Merry Christmas all "Comanches" out there


Pics taken 1 hour ago, 13:30 hrs..Christmas Eve.


(clipped for viewers sake)


bite me.. its raining here :D


It's raining here in TX, too. I'm having a wet Christmas!


I'm in Ontario though, it should be snowy here :( and I think I got snow tires for the MJ for xmas >.<

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its 49* and raining here in GA..


enough to make the mud-holes and local stuff GROSS...

pics taken bout 2 hours ago. (on my PHONE:eek: things camera is amazing other xmas present)

sorry the video is all blue... forgot to turn it on cloudy mode from houselight mode.


brothers jeep back at the house after the xmas fun.

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