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  1. I don't remember if it made it in the registry or not. I'll have to check.
  2. That's awesome! Thank you! I sent a message...
  3. I've told him about the group here, but he doesn't play online a lot. He owns a large, busy trucking company in PA and works hard. Who knows... he may pop up here one day, though.
  4. Not trying to make this a rebuild thread but just wanted to share the progress. Even though it's not mine anymore, my friend keeps me updated periodically.
  5. Thanks. Took a little work to get back in because everything has changed a lot, but I figured it out.
  6. Thank you. I thought that might be the case for some. Lol 😆
  7. Thanks. I was very picky about who I sold it to so I could still keep tabs on it.
  8. Sure, let me know when you have plans and we'll see if it works out.
  9. I'll be here as far as I know. Give me a shout and we'll see if we can get together.
  10. We're still in Orlando if/when you come this way again.
  11. Doing good and staying safe, thanks. 😊
  12. Cool, and it's funny I came across your post about that while searching this morning.
  13. I don't know how many people here even remember me as it has literally been several years since I have been here. I sold my Comanche back in 2014 to a friend in PA who is now completely renovating it, so I stopped in to see if I could help him find some parts. Thanks to a post I found from a rebuild a couple years ago, I have him on track to get window belt moldings and door seals. This is still the greatest place on the web for Comanche help! Here's a couple shots of the start of the process as I know everyone likes pics...
  14. Hey y'all... :waving: I know it has been a LONG time since I have been here, and unfortunately I am no longer a Comanche owner. I hope you can bear with me and possibly help out here. I am doing all I can to spread the word and help my friend and coworker, Naishma, and her baby, SadéLiz (pronounced shaw-day-leez). SadéLiz was born with a cancerous tumor that was nearly 4.5" in diameter and weighed nearly a pound. Please visit the GoFundMe page I have set up for the whole story and updates. She is currently in the third and final round of chemo, but things are not going as well as hoped for. ANY donation amount is greatly appreciated!! PLEASE, at minimum, go to the page and share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc... I would also ask that when you share it, use the hashtag - #helpsadeliz Thank you for any and all help.
  15. I have received a couple messages lately that the link to the .PDF was broken. I believe I have it fixed, but if the original "click on the logo" trick is still showing only a picture, here is the direct link: http://www.bteventures.com//mj1988electricalmanual.pdf
  16. BLHTAZ


    I have lurked from time to time, but yeah, I have not been around much in a while. :cheers:
  17. BLHTAZ


    We call ours Joe, but that is short for Mighty Joe. My wife loved that movie and it is the first thing she thought of when I brought the "MJ" home.
  18. Yep...we tried hard to avoid short-sales. I have two friends that bought short-sale houses and both of them waited 3-4 months for a response to offers and then it took nearly a year before they finally got to closing. I was told by our Realtor that FHA/VA lenders will not approve a loan on a house that is not move-in ready...or incredibly close to it. He said the Safe, Sound, and Secure are three primary requirements to even hope for approval. This is why we were happy to find a house that is a straight sale and is currently occupied. We had an inspection last Saturday, and everything went very well except for an active termite colony being found in the kitchen bay window area. They are on the outside only and the seller is paying to have them taken care of this week. The property will be treated and we will sign a contract with the pest control company to pay $150 a year and they will check it and treat it once a year and include a $250,000 damage repair guarantee.
  19. Wow...that is interesting. There are so many rules and hoops to jump through any more. I can't believe what we are going through to be able to use my VA benefits.
  20. Thanks Pete. We got a terrific deal on it, too! The owner passed away, the house was paid off, and the children did not want to keep it up as they do not live in the area and it has been rented for quite some time. The current tennant decided to move to NC and they do not want to deal with the house any more.
  21. Glad to hear you found something that you are interested in. :cheers: We finally found one as well and have an excepted contract and deposit on it. It is a 3/2, 1550 sq ft, custom built pool with 3 waterfalls, 1.7 acres, completely move-in ready, and a 2 Jeep garage. Here are a couple pics... ...and a couple videos - be sure to right-click the video and select open in new window or tab.
  22. Hey Pete...it's going OK right now. We found a house that we really like, FINALLY, so we will be signing the offer on it today and see what happens.
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