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  1. Are you 100% sure that you got the right spark plugs? Did you check the gap to ensure it was proper? Check your fuel pressure. It might be helpful if we knew exactly what you are working on; engine size, year, etc.. ;)
  2. I agree with CW, if there is that much gap (1/4" is a lot), I would return them and get some that fit properly. You can rig them as suggested, but it's not the "right" thing to do.
  3. Agreed--it's not likely that the injector would be the cause of the trouble. There is something sending to much fuel, and the o2 sensor is the first thing on the list of suspects.
  4. If it is still there, and legible, there may be a tag attached to one of the differential cover bolts that will have the gear ratio information on it. Otherwise, I agree with Eagle, they will not be 4.10 gears, and there will be a little work involved on the rear axle, but nothing to terrible.
  5. Based on your test results, and the fact that the voltages do not change when the TPS is loosened and moved, I would say that you need a new TPS. The o2 sensor may be a good thing to change as maintenance if you don't know when it was last done. o2 sensors are a regular maintenance item and should normally be changed around every 60-70K.
  6. That type of issue is typically the CPS. It will likely soon die on you and not start again.
  7. Glad everything is OK Rich. As I was reading, I had visions of major reapirs to be done to the MJ...
  8. Welcome Scott :cheers: Glad you stopped in...hope you can stay a while. :thumbsup:
  9. Nope, no feelings for him at all. I was sorry to see that Farrah Fawcett lost her battle with cancer today, though. R.I.P. Farrah... She was a talented, beautiful actress.
  10. That is one of my oldest Jeep hats, so I don't mind getting it all sweaty. I would never wear my CC hat out to exercise in. :cheers:
  11. :thumbsup: No problem. It was just something sent to me in an email.
  12. I noticed that too. Seems that they would have had to change the tranny and all if they really did put a V-6 in there. He did say that it is a "Jasper built" engine though :bowdown: :shake: :rotf:
  13. CLICK HERE for the report and video from todays interaction. I have a much smaller part in the video today, but I still made my point, as they actually used the part I thought they would cut out.
  14. :yes: I should know when that will be tomorrow if all is going according to plan.
  15. That is one of the questions the reporter asked today too. My answer was as you suspected: Yes, I would have done what I did regardless. It is not my place to judge any man. What I did was about human life--nothing more, nothing less.
  16. Well...I went out for another bike ride today, and the same news people tracked me down. They pulled up beside me while I was riding and asked me for another interview; I granted it and found out some interesting information in the process. CLICK HERE to see what I found out about the man that we saved.
  17. American? French? Spanish? Swiss? Italian? All WRONG!!! ;) It's POLISH... Here's the proof... :cheers:
  18. BLHTAZ

    new compressor

    Sweet!! :thumbsup: I have a 30 gallon Craftsman, and while it does "OK", it could use a bit more power.
  19. :agree: There aren't many good-hearted people left it seems, but stories like this help keep my faith in society. Ya'll are too kind...thank you. Thanks :thumbsup: We currently have 6 rescues in the house--along with the three that we own. I built a website for all the bunnies that you can see here -- www.hugabunny.net -- if you wish.
  20. Thanks again guys :oops: Bob, I was coming to the end of a 6 mile ride when all of this happened, so I was already sweaty and tired, but all that just seemed to disappear until a couple hours later when things calmed and I felt it. My throat is a little sore tonight from the smoke I took in, but the headache is gone and the smell is finally gone.
  21. Here is the link to the TV coverage of the house fire today... http://www.wftv.com/news/19835260/detail.html
  22. Thanks :D Be sure to still use the guys at wholesalemopar.com . They are great guys and willing to help. Yes, the weather is rough down here this time of year, and only gets worse through September. It was 99.4* yesterday :ack: . We're having a thunderstorm right now.
  23. :oops: Thanks...I don't feel that way, as I like to think that most anyone would have done the same.
  24. You ain't kidn'... You can put all kinds of thing in them. One of my favorites is Peanut Butter-Marshmallow-Chocolate, but I have done PBJ, Bologna, Pizza, etc, etc... :thumbsup: The iron we got does two at a time :yes:
  25. That's exactly it! The other guy and I just looked at each other with some indecision, but it seemed that we both came to the same conclusion together...we have to get this guy out. Valiant...yes; Stupid...yes, but sometimes you put your faith in God and believe that he is the one making the decision. My angel was there...no doubt. The more I have thought about it in the last two hours...the more scared I feel now, but I didn't feel it then. :dunno:
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