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  1. My experience with VA was much better in the pre-approval part. I sent them a ton of info, as you have described, and they emailed a letter of pre-approval to me and our agent within 2 hours...and this was at 6:00 p.m.. We keep having the same issues with the houses, though; either it is a great house but in the wrong place or the property is too small, the price is out of line and the seeler won't play, or it needs too much work to qualify for VA financing. VA is tough in that respect, if a house needs more than just some minor cosmetic repairs, they will not approve it. FHA is similar but not quite as strict. Keep your head up, brother...the right one is out there. :cheers:
  2. No one will regret buying from Tom! I got one of the first sets of MJ springs he ever produced a few years ago and they are still doing great. Only had one small issue in the beginning, they used poly bushing that sqeaked horribly, but Tom immediately sent me the appropriate rubber bushings at no cost to me to fix the problem.
  3. I don't have good news for you either, unfortunatley. We are working with VA financing to buy a house right now. We are also still in the looking phase, and have been getting extremely irritated, frustrated, and disappointed in the process. The VA mortgage process does require all of the paperwork and BS noted in previous postings as we have had to jump through many hoops and provide a lot of paperwork just for pre-qualification. We have been looking for nearly 5 months now and still have no solid hopes for what we want. We made one offer a while back, but the seller was quite unreasonable in his asking price and would not move much. We are being quite picky in what we get, as we realize--at our age--this will likely be the house we live the rest of our lives in. I feel your pain. Best of luck to you and keep us posted on your progress.
  4. He is, unfortunately, still crippled, but happy and hopping like all the rest.
  5. Yep, I have done that one before too :thumbsup:
  6. As long as they are spay/neutered, they are quite easy to litter train. Rabbits are very clean critters and only make messes to mark territory, but when fixed, they have no need to do so. Most of them are very friendly and love attention.
  7. All of the rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter trained, so they do not make a terrible mess. We have to clean the carpets once every couple weeks or so. Although I have had rabbits for food many times, these are pets. We are a foster home for the Gainseville Rabbit Rescue (Gainesville, FL). We currently have three rabbits of our own, and nine in foster care awaiting good homes. The ones we own run free in the house just like a cat or dog would. See our website at; http://www.HugABunny.net if you would like.

    Need translation

    The inner ends can now be replaced. It wasn't long ago that they were not serviced by Chrysler, but that is changing on most vehicles; although, some are still not available. Tech Tip Description: When replacing steering gear inner tie rod ends - the technician MUST always replace the outer tie rod end nut using P/N 6508273AA or its approved supercedence. The outer tie rod end nut is a one time use only Ny-lock type nut. Nut - 6508273AA Inner end - 68019643AB Outer end - 5066373AB The inner end package includes the large bellow clamp, small bellow clamp, breather tube clamp, and limiter. I hope that helps, if this is what you need.
  9. The neighbors got a good laugh out of it; they were outside when I did it :wavey: :thumbsup:
  10. Welcome Tim :cheers: Nice TJ...can't wait to see the MJ. :D
  11. I thought ya'll would like that :yes: :cheers: I started to try to find a rope to tie between the two; then I remembered the winch cable :brows:
  12. Cleaning rabbit cages and needed a place to dry the carpets that I just washed. My wife called me a crazy redneck; I thought it was quite ingenious. :smart: :rotf: What do you think?
  13. My apologies to everyone, as this never did happen. My wife and I have decided to discontinue our t-shirt business, at least for now, as we just do not have time for it and the economy has pretty much killed any business we were getting. Our website has been removed, and when I get around to it, we will likely have a BIG sale on our remaining inventory.
  14. Depending on the wheels that you use, you can get 31's on it stock, but they will rub badly in the front, making the truck useless for most anything other than very easy grocery getter duties ;) . The definition of "fit" is having a tire that will not rub at full steering lock or at full articulation of the suspension. A 3" lift is needed for a 31" tire to properly "fit". :smart: :cheers:
  15. Not true. You may put 31's on it without a lift, but the truck will not be useable for anything other than very careful mall driving. I had 235's on mine stock and they rubbed, so I know that 31's won't work. I have 31's now with the Rubicon Express 3.5" lift front, and the Hell Creek Suspensions 3" rear leaf springs--the front tires don't rub, but they are close to the fender when turning with about 1.5" clearance. :thumbsup:
  16. Being from a christian upbringing, there is no other belief than creation. I understand the process of evolution, and believe that some "things" have evolved, but can in no way believe that humans evolved. :cheers:
  17. I have the 3.5" RE kit in the front; the 3" HC springs make it perfectly level..
  18. Sorry I didn't see this sooner, as that would have been my first suggestion. The balancer is a very common problem when the symptoms are as you described in your initial post. Glad you got it figured out, but sorry again that I didn't get to you sooner and save you some headache.
  19. I am running the 3" Hell Creek leaf springs and love them :thumbsup: .
  20. Thanks for all the tips guys; it turned out to be a bad battery. :cheers: After going over all the suggestions here, removing, inspecting, and cleaning connections all over the place, I still had the same problem. I took the Yellow Top out of the YJ, put it in the MJ--problem gone. I load tested the battery from the MJ just to be sure, and sure enough, it was dropping to between 6-8 volts under load. The really strange part was, it would climb back up to 12.7 volts within about 10-15 seconds with the load on it. Anyway, $98 later and problem solved.
  21. Thanks guys. I'll let you know what I find when I have time to check it out. I have a 12 slide powerpoint presentation on the digestive, pulmonary, and cardiac systems due tomorrow; then I have to pick my wife up at the airport coming back from Jamaica. I'll try to squeeze in a little time for the MJ somewhere... :dunno: ;) OH...WAIT...Monday is Labor Day and I have the day off :clapping: . I'll work on it then :smart:
  22. I know I have not been around in a while, and that's because I have no time for life outside of work & school right now, but the MJ is having an issue and I don't have time to spend searching for what it is. When trying to start it, sometimes it starts with no problem, but others it acts like the battery is going dead, turning over very slow or just clicking. If we turn the key back off, then try again, it ususally fires right up. Last night I got in it and it turned very fast, then slowed way down, but I kept the key turned and it started to speed up again and started just fine. The first time it happened, I thought the battery was dead, but that is obviously not the case. I have only had time to check the connections at the battery so far--they are good, clean, and tight. The battery is about 18 months old and the cables are less than a year old, new from the dealer. I may have an hour or two to work on it tomorrow (Sunday 9/6), so any input on specific things to look at would be greatly appreciated. :cheers:
  23. Thanks for the concern guys. :cheers: I have NO life right now :ack: . School is much more daunting than I anticipated; now that I am in to my core classes, I put in about 4 hours a day (7 days a week) on studies taking 2 classes at a time. Work keeps me away from everything for at least 12 hours a day, and I have to work every other Saturday for 10 hours as well. by the time I get to Sunday, being in online school, I have an assignment due every Sunday, then I have to cut the grass and do other miscellaneous household chores that have been neglected all week long. On top of all that, I still help my wife take care of 13 rabbits that we have in foster care for the rabbit rescue right now, which takes another hour or more per day from me. Don't get me wrong; I am very happy to be back to work, but the hours at this dealership are killing me. I am there from 6:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., with only a 45 minute lunch, and I am not allowed to access sites like this or my school website. Thanks again for the posts. I have to get back to school work now, as I have 2 assignments due by midnight and I am not even half way done yet... :typing: :smart: I'll check in when I can, but it's not going to be often for a while. P.S. Sorry about the t-shirt thing, but we have taken our web page down right now too, as we just do not have time to do anything with it.
  24. Sorry I didn't see this until now, but I have been completely buried and had no time for anything but work and school. If that is what I think it is, they will get monstrous if left outside to climb a tree. We don't have a "garden" per say, but JT, you and Steph have been here and seen our mini-jungle that Tina has amassed in the back yard.
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