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  1. xmeatbagx

    What's my paint code?

    Thanks slug
  2. She's an 89 if that matters. What's the code for this blue?
  3. I'm also fairly tall (6'2"). In my truck I want to keep the 3rd person option but want an arm rest also. I just picked these up from work today. They're out of a newer Ranger. I'm not positive on how mounting them to my bench seat bracket is gonna go but I'm gonna give it a shot.
  4. xmeatbagx

    Gladiator Headboard

    So I had this grille hanging on the wall in my den for awhile and had the idea a few days ago to make a headboard for my bed with it. Today I was bored and none of my other projects got me excited enough to do with a hangover so here it is. Queen size bed headboard. Still needs some molding and stain but you get the idea.
  5. xmeatbagx

    Wtb: A few odds and ends in CT

    -Shift knob for column shift automatic -Dark blue bench seat belts -Dark blue or black 4wd shifter plastic surround without transmission section -Rear bumper Truck specs: 1989, 4.0L, Swb, 2wd converting to 4wd
  6. xmeatbagx

    Track Bar too short?

    Hornbrod, it looks like the drivers side is being pulled toward the ground making the body look like it's leaning. Just the body though not the axle.
  7. xmeatbagx

    Track Bar too short?

    Does it matter if the truck is my DD?
  8. My truck has around 3 inches of lift (I think) and the front end leans to the drivers side. The coil springs on both sides are fine and I don't see anything wrong in the back of the truck. The lean is more in the front than the rear. The track bar is stock, could that be why it leans? If I get an adjustable one do I have to know my lift height exactly? What's a good brand? Thanks for the help.
  9. So I got all these white spots all over my truck. I'm thinking it's the clear coat getting crappy. Is there any way to get rid of the spots without screwing up my paint?
  10. xmeatbagx

    Lug Nuts

    thank you
  11. xmeatbagx

    Lug Nuts

    I'm swapping my rims and want to change my lug nuts. I was wondering if these would work with the steel 5 dimpled spoked rims off a 95 Cherokee. http://www.quadratec.com/products/92806_100x_pg.
  12. xmeatbagx

    1988 Mj Tilt Steering Column $100 Ct

    No wobble, the tilt is nice and tight
  13. xmeatbagx

    1988 Mj Tilt Steering Column $100 Ct

    Black tilt column. Column shift, delay wipers, no cruise. $100
  14. Does anyone use Rusty's fixed upper and lower control arms? The bushings are shot in my stock arms and was thinking about picking them up. Tubular arms look pretty sweet. Any benefit to having a bend in the lower arms? I have around 3 inches of lift if that makes a difference.
  15. xmeatbagx

    4Wd Convert Question

    thanks for the info guys