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Here is my newly rebuilt 89 Eliminator. I just finished a spare tire mount for the bed that i will have pics for in a few days. i was doing some flexing when i got it done in the ditch. I also did a little wheelin in the snow and it did awesome!


I got some pics of my spare tire mount on page 2.


Update: i got 6.5 coils and 4.5 in leafs from rustys now and rides and flexes great. Here are some new pics. the last one is when i had to haul my woods project back to school. it was pretty gnarly with just resting on the spare. and i got a rustys intake with K&N filter

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Redid some stuff in the rear.

shes a beauty! ...YEAH YOUR JEEP ALSO. 

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Looks nice. I am assuming you got your axles out of an XJ, like most of us here did when we did the convo. Thats a good find getting the 44 with 4:10s


Where abouts in Wisconsin are you? I go to College at Michigan Tech in Houghton, Mi.

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I love the look, i was thinking of going that amount of lift with 33s. But I like the full wheel well look and didnt want to cut the fenders back as most do. I'm glad they seem to stuff up in there and look bad @$$ at the same time. Nice Jeep.

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Ill see if I can find pics of my homemade job. But just for now I used PVC pipe and then some brass fittings and bought the filter from auto zone. What I did was take the pvc and cut it to length removed all the old airbox stuff ran the pvc in the same location. Used the rubber piece on the TB and the stock clamp to conect the pvc to the air intake hose. Then took the brass fitting and drilled a hole in the pvc and threaded it in to connect the smaller air hose to that is on the airbox stock.then thru the filter on and used gas tank hanger (the metal srip with holes all in it) and fastened it out of the way. OH yeah it was on a 2.5 but the same sort of design would work with a 4.0.



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Recent stuff purchased:

Rustys air tube

6X9 K&N

Rustys 4 inch rear leaf springs

new water pump

3 core radiator


the leafs raised the rear up a lot more because i had a 1 inch shackle and 2 inch add a leaf that made it ride like crap and it was higher in the front by one inch. now the rear is higher by 2in

more pics soon


i am also looking for a winch and winch mount bumper

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that thing is clean man, I'm real glad I got to see it...you wouldn't happen to have all the specs on your lift would you? and sources? maybe I can take a closer look at your lift next time I see it cause that's about what I'm doin with the new shortbed. and whick cherokee did you get the rear fender replacement pieces from again? I need to do some replacement work on this one...

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