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  1. I'm in Spring City Tn. I might consider separate if it doesn't sell as a whole. ahmincha, if youll pm me a number I will text you pics. hopoe to get some loaded soon.
  2. Have for sale a complete Comanche short bed. It from a NC/Tn. truck so its solid. Good tail gate and lights. Original red paint but is faded. Couple of smaller dents, no big damage. Very good bed. $500
  3. I would suggest you reconsider Rustys. I have bought two Jeeps built from Rustys and have about replaced it all. Poorly designed period.
  4. hackedmj

    cab back

    Thanks guys. I picked one up today.
  5. hackedmj

    cab back

    I'll give them a check. The problem I'm having with Pullaparts, They won't allow you to use anything that throws sparks or uses a flame and they have no electric outlets for a sawzall
  6. Id rather just see if anyone wants to pick this stuff up at a good deal but thanks
  7. Just added location. If can get a pic tomorrow but its an instatrunk like this https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CAcQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dx4life.com%2FBlankman%2FJeep_instatrunk.htm&ei=M7x7VOHiOYSmNu2igrgK&psig=AFQjCNHeaeh7qVXIB9UC73iVv0fmIhY-lA&ust=1417481612159714
  8. Clearing out some stuff I don't need. Will add more so check back. Pick up in SPRING CITY TENNESSEE. Thanks for looking! SOLD XJ homebrew rear bumper. Looks to have been built from 4 inch box tube 1/4 inch thick. Strong mounts. uses the eight stock mounting holes. Not rusty but could use a fresh coat of paint, $70 SOLD Warn winch receiver mount. allows you plug a winch into your reciever. $50 TJ Aftermarket steel panel that makes lockable storage behind the rear seat and tail gate. $25 242j Transfer Case from a 96 xj $150 Locker Powertrax No Slip. Fits Dana 35 Cclip. comple
  9. hackedmj

    cab back

    I would like to find one at least in the southeast area but thanks any way.
  10. hackedmj

    cab back

    looking for a cab back and glass. Need from just below the lower body line to across the roof. I'm in east Tn. needs to be within a reasonable driving distance. thanks guys
  11. SOLD! SOLD! I'm selling the roll bar from my 88 pioneer. Just the roll bar no hardware. its comes apart in four pieces. I stripped one leg to bare metal. Pick up in Spring City Tn. Trying to add pics. pm a number and Ill text you some if I havent got pics up. thanks
  12. Sold!!!! THANKS GUYS! Got a good condition 04 Yamaha Rhino 660 I would consider trading for a good MJ rig. Must be 4.0 auto, no front leaf conversion. The rhino was a one owner till I bought it last summer. engine nor suspension never modified, not great but original tires.
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