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My 1986 Jeep Comanche X (3.4L V6 swap coming soon.....)

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Ok so here's the scoop. I bought this truck about 3 months ago for $950. For what I paid I'm sure getting my use out of it. It has the 2.8 V6 carbed. Its 2wd and runs decent.


Now here's the bad part.

It leaks oil like no tomorrow.

Has almost no power.

It's only 2wd.


Ok. Here's the next part. I'm wanting to do a lot of mods but I'm not sure what to do. I'm thinking about starting out by getting a beat up but mechanically sound cherokee and swap out engine, tranny, and axles. I'm pretty new to all of this mechanical stuff but I'm excited to learn.


If you have any suggestions on what I should do for mods let me know. I'm low on money but I'm saving up.



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were are you located? if in California or another state with strict laws about motor swaps it will be expensive and pain full to swap the motor. the core support is different and i think the fire wall is different on the 4.0 equipped jeeps.it may be better to go Chevy and use a 4.3.( the 2.8 is a Chevy motor) nice looking truck and good luck.

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I'm in Florida so the swap isnt such a pain. I've been thinking about a sbc. But I'm not too sure what I need to do for one. I know if were going for the 4.0 I would have to cut into the firewall because the engine compartment was redesigned in 87'. Will I need to cut the firewall at all for a sbc? :help:

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Welcome to the club, fellow Floridian. Good luck with the swap, I am jealous of all you who can and are willing to take the time to do major projects. Keep us posted. By the way, great find and great price, hopefully it's been in Florida all it's life and no rust.

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Well I'm really excited about starting my new job at advance autoparts. That will help a lot with money and some parts. I think I'll be visiting the local u-pull a lot for parts.


Now here's the question:


What should I look for at the junkyard for parts.


I just found out I have a amc 20 rear axle I'm pretty sure I should prolly find a new axle. dana 44 right?

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So was and am I. Your truck Will be fun to work on I'm sure. Maybe one day I can see it in person :D




edit: if you feel like you have no power think about an upgrade in the gears. do you know what gear ratio you have now?

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Yea, welcome to the club!

Had an 86 Cavalier with a 2.8, and the think leaked oil like no tomorrow, all coming from the intake manifold gasket. The end pieces love to leak! I was told to replace them, and take a small punch and create a few small divits on the engine block to hold the seal in place. Does it need a good tune up, like cap, rotor, wires, plugs? Check compression and see how its doing there. That will tell you a lot.

Yea, good looking rig!

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don't even think about a v8 unless you've got gobs of money to throw at it. there's nothing cheap about that swap.


the 3.4 is a great option if you wire in the fuel injection too. I've read that it's pretty much stand-alone on the Camaros and Firebirds and that makes it about as easy as it gets for an FI swap.


If your truck feels sluggish, then you might want to try and figure out what's wrong before throwing the guts away.

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