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emergency comanche club fundraiser

Pete M

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if I had written it yesterday, this post would have been a simple update on our annual website/hosting fees (only went up a few bucks even though we overshot our bandwidth by a bunch) and a reminder to anyone that wanted to donate a few bucks, but I got some bad news this morning. Rick (xjs4ever) had a real bad garage fire yesterday and lost pretty much everything inside (thankfully no people or pets or MJs were harmed and it didn't spread to the house). home insurance will not be covering anything. So in lieu of any donations for the website, I ask that you divert what you would have sent to me to him instead. Although you can still go through me using the club's paypal account since I doubt he's got one. If you want to go snail mail, you can send checks to me to tally up and send him a single MO, or PM me and I'll give you his address if you want to send him cash or a money order (or even old tools if you want since I get the impression he's got nothing now). I feel helpless 1000 miles away unable to even help clean up the mess and I want to do something. Working 2 jobs, I know he doesn't have time for this disaster. :(


To any Colorado people near Denver (he's in Parker), I imagine that he'll be needing some help in the near future so be sure to offer your assistance if you can.


and to everyone here, make sure you know for sure what your homeowners or rental insurance covers!!




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big thanks to all who have donated! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:


I'll be sending out a postal money order tomorrow afternoon (along with a box of stuff). If anyone is sending something my way via snail mail, lemme know now so I can add it all into one check.

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