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Comanche lifts

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On my 89 I went with the Soa and corresponding coils because I wanted to be as big as possible (Hey we're all young once right?) I'm trying to stay away from gigantic on my 87. I've been looking for a lift but not finding anything to impressive for our Mj's. So far I have found Rustys, Rough Country, and Rubicon Express make lifts for us but they all appear to be basic BB. Rustys does offer full packs but after my last set of Rustys packs I will be staying away from them. I want to build this truck more long the low center of gravity lines so I don't want to go about 3.5". What are some suggestions you guys have?

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i know basics of jeepspeed but that one i don't know all i know is they have to be stock engine and axle wise i believe don't qoute me on it but u can lift and wheel travel is limited to 15-17 inches in the rear and 15 in front i believe. cuz if i where to get it i was thinking rocky road and the lift they have for 600

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That's the lift I started with,my truck went down the road but I don't think I would have raced with it as is.


It was a good starting point but as my MJ evolves it has less and less of the RRO kit on it.



If you want to save money I would suggest doing your homework and piecing a kit together.

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