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Comanche of the month, Oct 2010 --- GREENF350's 1991

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That time of the month again, time for some fresh MJ meat. This month is a special project, and one that we have come to know well.




------------OCTOBER 2010 - GREENF350's 1991 PIONEER----------




1991 Comanche Pioneer Short Bed w/ 94k




4.0 high output, K&N filter, mostly stock, but I have 5.0 injectors sitting on the bench. New tailpipe/muffler



231 t-case , AW4 trans, stock driveshaft, HP Dana 30 w/ 3.55's (open) and Dana 35 w/3.55's (open) Remember, this is still a work in progress :yes: Should be corrected shortly



Stock, but the truck seemed to run hot when I 1st bought it so I did a new water pump and replaced the head gasket. Looking back, I think the head gasket was fine.






97 XJ steering box, Just got a V8 ZJ tie rod ( Not yet installed )



Rusty's 4.5" coils, added ACOS to level the front, Rusty's lower controll arms, Rough Country adjustable track bar. Spring under 4.5" rear springs. For now...



Pretty much the way I got it. Tan bench that Ive tried to re-stuff so that it isnt so uncomfortable. Bench seats will come after the body is done. Has a slider though!



97 XJ booster and master cylinder, load sensing valve gone






Soft 8's w/ 33 x 12.5 Pro Comp Xtreme Mud terrains. ( Old tires were X-terrains, had some sidewall issues )



Although I have no pics of it originally, this truck was ugly when I got it. It had been hit on the drivers side fender, so half of the nose was replaced with black panels. Add to that a faded green cap, mismatched rims, bald tires and a window that wouldnt roll up. Naturally, I had to have it. Since then, Ive replaced the hood, one door, the bed, patched the floor, the frame, and had it painted (cheaply) since it was supposed to be a winter driver/beater. Two years later and it was getting pretty beat up, so now I'm in the process of body and paint work all over again, only this time I'm painting it in a friends garage. Oh, and Ive got some sweet Eliminator stickers for once its painted.


Basically, this truck has served as a winter driver, woods truck, eyesore, waste of cash, gas pig, project, tent for camping, firewood hauler, parts runner, rot collector, driveway ornament, and now restoration candidate. It started out as a Pioneer, tried being a SporTruck for awhile, and now its gonna pretend to be an Eliminator. Its also the reason that I buy every MJ tailgate that I come across even though I don't need anymore damn tailgates. Its probably cost me more $$ in body supplies and paint then if I paid to have it done professionally, continues to cost me in insurance and taxes even though I havent driven it in a year now, and its parts are in the garage, basement, yard, and inside the house. In other words, I love this truck. Its a keeper, no matter how many times I have to practice my rust repair skills. And I have the only MJ out of everyone I know. Ill be sure to post pics once its finished....hopefully this month!



Best MJ story

There's probably a few I could think of, but finding mine made for a good story. When I told my friends that I was looking for a Comanche to build, they agreed it was a good idea, but they also agreed that I'd never find a decent one. They are pretty hard to come by around here and tend to rot out as everyone knows. Anyways, the very next day, I'm driving down the highway in the work truck when I hear the sound of mud tires coming up on the side of me. I looked over and saw a lifted dark blue MJ longbed with what looked like 33's on turbines passing me. I knew then that I had to get one. Turns out, it was CW's truck going by me, but I didnt know at the time. Fast forward a few weeks and I was at work. I had to pick up a load of cars being sent to auction from some tiny used car lot in the middle of nowhere. The last car that I had to load was a beat up green Comanche. I asked the guy how much he was trying to get for it at the auction, and when he told me $600, I knew I found the truck I was looking for. I probably would have settled for any MJ, but got lucky that this one was a 91.



What owner loves best about CC

For some reason, this is the 1st site I check out once I get home from work. Its also the one I spend the most time on. This site is also the reason I bought a 2nd Comanche (should have kept it) and its the reason I'm currently trying to purchase another one. I also know the location of most of the the MJ's around here, and to anyone who's not on CC, thats considered useless knowledge. I guess its just nice to see others who have the same problem as me. ( I can quit whenever I want ) :nuts:














here's a few body work shots. Ive been working on this truck since November and I'm almost done.....






These parts are all waiting to be put back together ( its gonna be a shame to start wheeling this truck again )





Backyard Chip pile....



Found a ditch....



Overheating on I-91 in MA......



Flat tire....



All loaded up ........




Congrats man :cheers: Your truck is one of the cleanest examples of a working MJ that we have here on the board. I can only imagine what that green Metallic will look under some HO Eliminator decals. :drool: Seeing a truck like yours inspires all of us to see within the rusty, beat up work horses and see the potential that lays underneath. I can't wait to see the finished project. Couldn't belong to a better member.


Congrats again, and welcome to the MJOTM club. :cheers:


Rob L. :D

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Congrats on your Oct 2010 MJOTM selection. Great to see another superfine MJ example honored from the superior HO model years. :D


I stuck to my original color, but if I didn't I'd be green too. Looks really great. And keep fighting the never ending rust war; it sure looks you are winning. :cheers:

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