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The madness continues.......$10k MJ on eBay


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Eliminators all had tachometer's,

this one has the big fuel gauge.


Also, the VIN check thing they posted said it was a Pioneer (I didn't check the VIN myself, so :dunno: ).


Decent MJ,

but no where near the '$10k MJ' ballpark.




BTW, ALL Eliminators were 2wd,

at first.


Later on they offered them in 4wd as well.

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Text said it used to be red.


I was looking inside the scratched up bed for traces of red,

but I missed the one you found. :thumbsup:




There are so many things wrong with this truck and the description, I don't know where to start :D


The ad says it has leather seats. That made me LoL


Were the bed and the cab painted at different times? They don't even look remotely close in color here:



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All you guys are after the little red scratches... No one noticed the engine bay?


Rob L. :dunno:



oh, I saw that. the photo I posted almost looks like they didn't remove the body molding for painting. :dunno: but maybe it's just a scratch.


a $200 paint job does not a $10k MJ make. :no:

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Jeez for $10k you'd expect at least a $3K dollar paint job.


Maybe even have the few discrepancies fixed:


Comanche Mentionables:



The Power Trans button does not light up


Inside interior lights in back of cab not working


Right side of window rolls only 80% down. (It rolls back up with no problems)


Interior clock is not lit and we cannot change time displayed


External rear cab light does not work


A small piece of molding at the rear of truck on passenger side is beginning to lift and can easily be adhered.


As expected there is evidence of normal wear and tear to the Comanche body but nothing that would take away from its hearty look. This is a great truck as is. Very little effort needed to make it picture perfect.


I guess it's OK when you buy a $10k dollar truck to have some "normal wear and tear" on it. :rotf:

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