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Would you be interested in a trade?


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Would you be interested in a trade? That's how most emails seem to start regarding selling my MJ. (And no, I'm not interested in a trade.) I just thought it would be funny to post a few things I've been offered.


2000 Ford Ranger X-Cab with a SAS

1961 CJ-5 Fully Restored with 350 and Waggy 44s

1979 CJ-7 (Super Clean) with a half cab top 2" lift and new 33's

1998 BMW 528i 20" Aftermarket wheels and Premium sound system

1994 Cherokee 4dr RK 3link dana 30/44 6" lift 33" KM2s

2000 Chevy Tahoe Z71 Leather and heated seats

1991 Comanche longbed - 4.0 HO 8.8 rear 3" and 31's lots of other upgrades

2003 Ford Ranger Edge 2wd 45,000 miles (loaded)

1994 YJ - Very well built Rock Crawler 37" Creepy Crawlers and Poison Spyder Everything

2008 CBR600RR 295 miles lots of accessories.

A 2002 Alumaweld 18 Intruder fishing boat + Trailer

A 8.5' x 20' enclosed Trailer

$2500 cash and $2500 in guns and a broken air compressor and old pto winch


I can't wait to see what else I'll be offered. I'm not going to post pics of any of these, because I don't think that would be right.

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craigslist is full of strokers.... i had a guy offer to trade me a door for a bobcat for my bronco.... i put out an ad seeking anyone whose bobcat door got stolen :rotf: on a sidenote, i'd trade for the tahoe or either of the cj's...

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I saw the add today as i was surfing craigslist,there is a bunch of MJs on there but yours is by far the nicest :thumbsup:



At least most of the trades seem somewhat resonable,i usually get crazy offers.



BTW i will trade you my 89 MJ with a broken D30 for yours if you throw cash my way to even it up. :cheers:

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If you were not dead set on the cash some of them trades are money makers long term. Also some of the trades I would have counter offered throw in this much cash and pay the DMV fees.


I was offeed lots of trades when I was trying to sell my MJ, before the engine swap. None of them were worth it to me. I wanted green backs, otherwise it wasnt worth it to me. I still wish my first trade would have come through. That s10 on d60's and 38's would have been nice. YOu can never have too many trail rigs :yes:

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