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Going to look at a 30k mile MJ tomorrow..... Any advice?

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89 Jeep Comanche PickUp 2wd $2500



89 Jeep Comanche PickUp Blk, shortbed, auto 31k miles, that's right 31k miles, 2 owners. If interested call



I'd post the phone #, but,

provided there's no major negatives,

I'm leaning towards buying it. :drool:



From the pics, and a VIN check:


2wd 4.0L/ auto

column shift

big fuel gauge (weren't all column shifts this way?)



I like the blk exterior + red hockey stick stripe :cheers:

back bumper flipped up (probably rotted mounts, hope it didn't pull a boat/rot the rear frame)

ft bumper end caps & bumper a little beat up (+ low miles = maybe an elderly owner??)

no tailgate

the spare is being used on the PS ft




Things I'm planning on checking:


is that a dent on the roof?

rocker rot?

floor rot?

neglect/dryrot/leaks/etc from sitting for a looooong time? (~1500 miles a year)

does mileage seem legit?

Seems OK from talking to the guy, but I'll look for interior wear, missing dash screws from replaced gauges, new speedo cable (= possibly broken/missing for a long period of time)


Anything I missed?

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Yes to all. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:


The only dealbreaker would be if it's totally gone rust wise.

Looks good in the pics, but the mileage would be less of a positive factor if I have to get into it for rockers/cab corners & frame sections.


I could see it still being worth the work to someone, (esp with the mileage)

but I'm not looking to go down the rockers/corners road again just yet.

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31K mi.- The gas and brake pedals should have very little wear, so should floorboards, carpet, mats, seats etc.

I agree about a long hard thought if it is a rust bucket.





Tho I'll leave some room to consider 'city mile wear'.


My 98 XJ has 72k miles (36k by previous owner from 98-01, 36k by me, 2001-2010).


In my miles I've worn through TWO OEM floormats (from the corner of my foot where I MASH the gas :D ),

enough to put a matching hole right through to the carpet under the mat.

I've also worn a 3" hole in the drivers seat (corner by the door).


Tho none of this wear was there @36k when I bought it from the previous owner.



I guess I fidget too much while sitting in traffic & mashing the accelerator comancheB.gifcomanche.gif

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Well seeing how this is a dealer listing this thing, be prepared.


Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Interested parties should confirm all data before relying on it to make a purchase decision. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Prices may not include additional fees such as government fees and taxes, title and registration fees, finance charges, dealer document preparation fees, processing fees, and emission testing and compliance charges. Internet special price may not be compatible with dealer sponsored or subsidized subprime financing. Site powered by Carsforsale.com.



The interior is red not black according to the listing. Should be that dark maroon which explains the red headliner hanging down. He should be able to show you the carfax or get one if you ask. It had a taligate in the first pic so where's it at in the rest? Offer him $1200 if it has no rust issues and work from there. Low mileage or high mileage only affects the price by a few hundred dollars. just remember, it's still a 20 year old truck.




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I agree with all above...the only real question is why not?


Find the tiniest spots of rust, and ask if the guy does his own bodywork. Whether the answer is yes or no - converse on the aspects of hidden rust that cannot be seen but MUST be taken care of in order for it to become something besides "just another 20yr old truck". The more work you can come up with that needs done to keep it in a good condition, the lower you can value it.


Case in point: WWII jeeps are almost IMPOSSIBLE to find up here. Yet, there is a 1943 15 minutes from me for $800.....still there, cause of the work needed. It simply becomes just another jeep project.


Good luck.....we want to see at least 50 pics tomorrow. :yes:

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Rust is the only factor in my book. Mechanicals can always be replaced but rust will never go away without major work. My MJ has only 39K on it but it sat outside for three years never driven. Much work later it would have been much easier and less costly to install a new motor.


With that said all the work in the world won't keep me from getting mine on the road before spring!

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It was owned by a Homeowners Association in Worcester, Mass (= was driven short distances, as needed, for the first 10 years of it's life).


Original paperwork in the glovebox shows it was bought on 2/6/1990, with 10 miles.


The Title shows the 2nd owner bought it on 2/01/2000 with 8,759 miles.


2nd owner's Vehicle Inspection Sticker Receipts show:


012336 miles on 3/26/01

017235 miles on 4/18/03

019069 miles on 5/04/04

023130 miles on 5/27/06

029994 miles on 7/03/07


And today (1/03/09) it had 31,200 miles when I signed the title.




Short of pulling the rug (which I will be doing) I looked at all of the regular MJ rot spots, and found it to be an honest 99% rust free.


I drove down in a snowstorm, so I'll stop short of saying the body is perfect till I give it a good bath and get all the road salt off the poor thing.

The paint on the roof has some issues, but is 100x's better than my last black 89' MJ

(with 79K miles/10 years on it, the paint/clear coat on that MJ seemed to 'go bad' for some reason).


There's a piece of plywood on the bed, so hopefully that spared the bed any major dents & dings inside. (I haven't pulled the plywood out yet).


The headliner is hanging down, the radio & clock weren't working, and the steering wheel is clocked a little to the left when going straight down the road.


There's also a tiny hole in the otherwise nice cloth bench.


Also, even on the spare tire, it drove smoother & nicer than anything else I currently own.

Went down the road straight, zero death wobble, tho the rear was a little bouncy over bumps (could use shocks).


It made the 50 mile trip to my house without a hiccup, but the idiot light dash was a little unnerving.

Not sure what I'll do about that just yet, I don't want to hurt it's originality by butchering in a full gauge pack (and make it look tampered with).


FWIW, I happily paid $2400.

Now I just have to make a plan for the thing.

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I really don't know that I could see paying anywhere close to their asking price, even if it is totally rust free, which in your neck of the woods isall but impossible. I know it is really low milage, but at the age these trucks are, milage isnt really an issue anymore....like buying my beloved Volkswagen Beetles, when they are that old milage doesnt matter to anyone anymore...just condition. And I don't see this being in good enough condition to be worth $2500. It doesnt appear to be in any better conditon than my truck was when I bought it with 336,000 miles on it. Just be careful about what you pay for this if you get it.Good luck!

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