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Anyone left in Georgia?

Pete M

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I am actually in Pennsylvania (Uniontown area) at my parents on leave for a week. I have been keeping in touch with my Marines 4-5 times a day. Just to make sure they are ok.


One of my Marines lost pretty much everything. He is in good spirits though. Luckily he was single and did not have much and the house was a rental. He managed to save his new JK, computer, and all his guns. His room mate was not so lucky. He lost a Harley that got flooded in the garage.


They had renters so they both should be fine in the end.

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You guys need to make yourselves more aware of the world and whats going on around you... :shake:


http://www.bing.com/news/search?q=flood ... &FORM=EWRE




I don't know anything about this either. And I don't watch the news any more than I have to because of its horrible political slant or for the fact that its all just too depressing. Theres no sense living your life like that if you don't have to.

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