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Whats your mileage?


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rolled past 214,600 this past weekend on a 320+ mile roundtrip to Budds Creek, MD for the Pro National Motocross races. jamminz.gif


You ride moto Wahoo?


I did. Too busy with the youngins and too much hanging over the belt to do it right now. I'd still like to race the "old man" class sometime in the not too distant future, a little less crazy than the "go fast" class(es) I raced in my 20s. My son just turned 8 and that's how old I was when I got my first bike. My parents still live on the same 50 acres, so I may have to get Reed his first one by next summer. Of course, I can't just stand there in the field and watch him ride all day, ya know? :brows: Yup, grew up on 'em and then too busy with girls and sports in high school but got back in to it after college and started racing. Raced a lot for about 8yrs and then "life" took over. But I've got a pin in my right hip and memories of broken ribs and a punctured lung (at Budds Creek!) to remind me of the carefree days. Passionate about MX/SX for sure. :thumbsup:

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i have no idea but here i go.....

the rear end has 500000 kms on it the engine has no history but is coming ourt of a jeep that has 34000 kms the 2wd front end has 34000kms and I'm outting a gauge cluster that has 500000kms ....... so what ine should i use ?? :help:

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