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  1. I have bowled several 300's....most recently this summer
  2. Plenty of light, more than H4 singles, if you do an H4 conversion on the quad headlamps. In your opinion it is. I did the H4 conversion to both the single and the quads and the quads didnt compare so i switched the panel back, my opinion and its the only one that matters.
  3. Had one of those on my MJ for a while. Was cool at first then the lack of light at night from the headlights got old. Swapped it back to the original. Nice find tho
  4. I ran the RK bracket and bar for several years with DD duties and offroad duties. Never had a problem with it. Thats my vote for Trackbar
  5. Time for a rebuild. Mine did the same thing but in first gear. The grooves on the syncro were ground smooth. I paid $450 to have mine rebuilt and that was after i looked for a long time for anyone who had the parts to replace them with. Be better going with the AX15 now
  6. This is the last time I'm going to list these taillights. Cleaning out the garage and they will be gone by the end of April whether i sell them or trash them. I have a set of Taillights that i got from an 87 MJ. They will obviously fit all Comanches 86-92. They are a bit sunfaded but will clean up nice. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/pts/2880170508.html Asking $70 shipped or $60 pick-up Email only PM'S WILL BE IGNORED... azwheeler87@yahoo.com
  7. it could be worth 4k but I'm telling you it won't sell for that. Expect to get around $3000.
  8. Have a set of chrome 10k lb tow hooks--$20 bux Yellow plastic covers x4--$5 bux a pair or $10 for all 4 Soft white x2--$10 bux for the pair Soft Yellow x2--$10 bux for the pair prices DO NOT include shipping. PM or email azwheeler87@yahoo.com first come first serve
  9. offroader461

    NFL FA

    Yea..its been a fast couple of days for some big names...still a couple out there but i think peyton signs with miami or tennessee. Denver/Az are out.. Why if you don't like football make a moronic post like that. Is it your goal to get your post count up or what> Go troll another topic... :roll:
  10. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/cto/2805553016.html
  11. will not bolt up. need to cut off and reweld the spring pads in the correct location.
  12. No they didnt...mine is a white chief with maroon interior
  13. i got a mid 90's ranger roll bar in my truck...much better than the factory bar IMHO :cheers:
  14. offroader461

    rock rails

    they have been out of business for like 6-7 years now. My MJ was the base for their rear bumper. Those rock rails were junk..I refused to put them on my MJ when they wanted me to test a set. I liked my rockers :no:
  15. If i were you i would check the actual fuel pressure with a gauge. My truck did the exact same thing and i finally checked the fuel pressure. At idle it was fine but as soon as i gave it some throttle it sputtered and almost quit running. I pulled the fuel pump and it turned out to be the rubber hose that runs from the pickup assembly to the acutal pump itself. The hose had rotted out and under load the fuel was just dumping right back into the tank and starving the truck. Check that before you start wasting money on parts. :cheers:
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