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  1. apexjeepinjoe

    I Finally Got It......brought Home The J10...

    Yeah I wouldn't screw with it at all.
  2. apexjeepinjoe

    Wtb Chrome Grill For 88

    I am looking for a chrome grill for my 88. No cracks or missing pieces. Let me know.
  3. apexjeepinjoe

    Rear Sliding Glass

    It was not an easy job but it fits great(and no leaks at all). http://www.rakuten.com/prod/edv700bt-crl-duo-vent-four-panel-slider-with-dark-gray-glass-for-1986/227017184.html I had a coupon and I guess they raised the price since I ordered just since the beginning of April.
  4. apexjeepinjoe

    Rear Sliding Glass

    You can still buy brand new. I just got a 4 pc rear sliding glass in Smoke for 150.00 Shipped
  5. apexjeepinjoe

    Ax-15 Find

    I would offer 1/2 of that max.
  6. apexjeepinjoe

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    Installed the rear sliding glass I bought. Scraping the urethane was the worst part.
  7. apexjeepinjoe

    Rubicon Shocks On An Mj?

    I just installed a set in the front of my comanche with 2 inch lift and they do seem a tad short. I also installed JKS bar pin eliminator kit which adds a bit of length. I ran these this way on an 89 Cherokee I had with 3 inch lift and never has a problem.
  8. apexjeepinjoe

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    Finally got my ACOS installed. Also installed some JK front shocks.
  9. apexjeepinjoe

    Registration Fees

    Just got my card in the mail. $56 bucks for the year here in Idaho. Plus $20 every other year for emissions.
  10. apexjeepinjoe

    Jeep Rubicon (Tj) Moab Wheels - Northern Va

    Mine look way better than those and I got them with five almost new tires for $350.00 just last summer.
  11. apexjeepinjoe

    Jeep Rubicon (Tj) Moab Wheels - Northern Va

    Good to know if I decide to sell mine.
  12. apexjeepinjoe

    Jeep Rubicon (Tj) Moab Wheels - Northern Va

    Are these really selling for this much?
  13. apexjeepinjoe

    Renix - Stuck On High Idle

    How much does a new TPS cost?
  14. I have an 1988 4.0 w/manual transmission. When I start it it seems to idle fine but as it warms up it act as if it gets stuck on high idle. I can not kick it down but if I shut it off and wait when I restart it. It starts the cycle all over again. Any ideas of what to check or what it might be? Throttle position sensor or Idle air control??
  15. apexjeepinjoe

    Ax15 Shift Lever Change

    Just the upper part.