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  1. I am looking for a chrome grill for my 88. No cracks or missing pieces. Let me know.
  2. It was not an easy job but it fits great(and no leaks at all). http://www.rakuten.com/prod/edv700bt-crl-duo-vent-four-panel-slider-with-dark-gray-glass-for-1986/227017184.html I had a coupon and I guess they raised the price since I ordered just since the beginning of April.
  3. You can still buy brand new. I just got a 4 pc rear sliding glass in Smoke for 150.00 Shipped
  4. I would offer 1/2 of that max.
  5. Installed the rear sliding glass I bought. Scraping the urethane was the worst part.
  6. I just installed a set in the front of my comanche with 2 inch lift and they do seem a tad short. I also installed JKS bar pin eliminator kit which adds a bit of length. I ran these this way on an 89 Cherokee I had with 3 inch lift and never has a problem.
  7. Finally got my ACOS installed. Also installed some JK front shocks.
  8. Just got my card in the mail. $56 bucks for the year here in Idaho. Plus $20 every other year for emissions.
  9. I have an 1988 4.0 w/manual transmission. When I start it it seems to idle fine but as it warms up it act as if it gets stuck on high idle. I can not kick it down but if I shut it off and wait when I restart it. It starts the cycle all over again. Any ideas of what to check or what it might be? Throttle position sensor or Idle air control??
  10. No I did that on mine works fine. My AX15 is from a 98 TJ.
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