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Well I've been hanging around here for over two years now and have never show you guys what i've been up to. So here we go,


My first rig was an 88 Pioneer with a 4-banger, 4-Speed, and and 4wd. I trashed it over 3 years and sold what was left of it. I had a slew of vechicles after that and realized the rig I liked the best was my old Comanche. So I started hunting Craigslist for the perfect Comanche and found what I was looking for in San Jose, California. 800 miles from me. Rented a car drove there, and drove the Comanche home.


Here's what I got an 87 Comanche Chief with the 4.0 BA-10 4x4 with a 44 Rear.

I did a few small mods in the first few months but about 9 months ago I parked it and it underwent a major surgery.

It now sports an AX-15, a Waggy 44 front, TnT longarms, OTK steering, 4.56 gears, Detroits front and rear, and fresh 35x12.50 X-terrains.


I drove it today for the first time in 9 months, I took it for a spin around the block. I had no rear shaft, so it was a Front wheel drive trip. It'll be getting an alignment in the near future, and I have a few other bugs to fix but she's getting close. I got a lot of help from this board, thanks guys.

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Nice ride. :cheers:




Post up some more pics like a side view. ;)


If you need to cut the fenders for the clearance needed to be able to turn from lock to lock when fully flexed let me know.

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sweet the old man there named ron is my dad


drove it to the shop yesterday for the "final" touches, and ron was the one who took my keys i also bs'ed with him for a little while. pretty cool guy, lives four wheel drives it sounds like.


I can't wait to get it back with an alignment and a rear shaft. damn i'm excited

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