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    E TN

    Chattanooga, TN 87 SWB.
  2. xjcrazy09

    How much is it worth?

    I was just curious... 1990 MJ Eliminator, SWB 4x4 4.0 Renix w/Auto...Runs great 30" mud terrain tires All eletriconics work Has both of the gauges( speedo and Tach) Bucket Seats in good condition NO rust All the body is straight, no major dings. The only real problem is the paint is sort of faded. What would you pay for it?
  3. xjcrazy09

    Best Torque Converter?

    Actually your advice was about correct. Turns out from many other forums i have searched the aw4 is best with the stock torque converter. If i had the 4.6 stroker motor i would prob buy the one you mentioned. thanks for the help!
  4. xjcrazy09

    Best Torque Converter?

    Well since i had the Transmission out i was going to replace the Torque Converter, and was wondering if there were any good aftermarket ones people might have known about. That is the rear axle limiting strap that is mounted onto the top of the housing.
  5. xjcrazy09

    Best Torque Converter?

    I guess no one knows?
  6. Can I get some feedback on all of my fellow MJers out there. What would be the best type of torque converter to put into my AW4 for Rockcrawling and some on road driving? and so it begins! :D Thanks in advance!
  7. xjcrazy09

    98+ doors

    dang, want to buy some doors for 250? :D
  8. xjcrazy09

    98+ doors

    Thanks for all the advice, but Just to let you know that link definitely takes me to a write up on a front end conversion, and is not even completed. From what I can tell I will just have to relocate the strikers a little bit. Which stickers are you referring to?
  9. xjcrazy09

    98+ doors

    Alright, I know I have seen the topic on here somewhere but can not quite locate it. I was wondering how difficult is it to adapt 98+ doors on to my 87 Comanche? I have a guy going to sell me some doors for $40, wondering if it would be worth it.
  10. xjcrazy09

    Driveline Question

    Awesome, Thanks for the quick info.
  11. Right now I have a Pukegoat tranny and a np231 T/C. I have had my driveshaft altered to offset the lift I have installed. Does anyone know if I switch to an AW4 Auto Tranny, if that will change the length of my driveline and cause me to shorten/lengthen my driveshaft?
  12. xjcrazy09

    New Member Project...suggestions?

    no, major damage. It was actually really slow, just kinda started to tip and kept going and going and then it was like crunch. Knocked off the side view mirror. Dented the door and the front fender. So I guess its time to do that 97+ front clip upgrade.
  13. xjcrazy09

    New Member Project...suggestions?

    Well Alot of you have been following my thread and I have recieved alot of comments on how nice my comanche looks. Well I had a bad night last Saturday. its kinda going down hill... :doh:
  14. xjcrazy09

    you know your in Texas when........

    it was removed :dunno:
  15. xjcrazy09

    what should i do!?!

    I remember seeing a burgundy Comanche in the for sale forum a while back that was completely built with 8.8/locker front 44/locker bumpers 35's and so on...If I'm not mistaken( because I'm too lazy to look for it :D ) they only wanted like 5500 for it. I'm not sure if its still for sale or not but just saying. You can find very well built Comanches for what you are going to spend on a wrangler.