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  1. Thanks again guys! I'm really busy with work again, so there she sits. I need to plate the uni-rails from the back of the cab to the front fender before I do anything else. I'd probably have them done with some angle and plate by now, but I'm too damn picky. I was thinking about the TNT stiffeners, but they don't exactly fit the MJ. Does anyone know of a reasonably prices 1-piece (3 sided) stiffener on the market for an MJ?
  2. Great looking MJ! I should be sitting around the same height when I finish up. What size springs did you end up using? Steve
  3. Those "shock extenders" are somewhat disturbing to me. If you decide to lift, do everyone a favor, and don't put something like that on the road.
  4. Thanks guys! Yes, I will be fixing the floor. I figure, I'll take care of it when I do the 2x4 rocker replacement on the cab. I'll have the pieces of 2x2 tying the rail to the uni-rail and they will be partially within the floor pan, so I'll have to piece it together once its fabbed up.
  5. I know: http://www.pgh-offroad.com/forum/showth ... 79&page=16 Ya the interior swap is pretty easy, for as much time as some MJ guys spend going through and pulling out the interior they could spend a little more money and grab the dash and interior, for what would be, IMO, a MUCH nicer interior with better AC heat etc. I agree. I went all out. Even have the doors, keyless entry, etc. working. Whatcha doin on PghOffRoad.com?
  6. This looks pretty cool! I just recently did a full '99 XJ drivetrain/interior swap into my '86 MJ. It was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be! Good luck on this, I can't wait to see the CRD in the engine bay!
  7. Been a while since updates. Got lots of parts together, and build the front suspension in the past 3 days. My home-brew kit is very similar to that of the Clayton's kit. The skid, which I will make this weekend will mount very similar to that of the TNT kit. Figured out all of my measurements, cut everything to length, tacked together, and did a full mock up. Then, disassembled, and burned everything together. Parts include: 2" x 2" x 1/4" wall HREW LCA's 1 1/4" x 12TPI tube adapters for frame end joints (custom machined) 2 5/8" x 2 5/8" DOM sleeved poly bushings at axle end (Polyperformance) 2 5/8" Forged Currie Johnny Joints with 1 1/4" x 12TPI stud LCA's are 38" eye to eye (moves front axle forward approx 1" from stock 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 3/16" wall HREW UCA's 3/4" x 16TPI tube adapters for LCA end joints (Ballistic Fabrication) 1/4" plate open ends at axle 2" Forged Currie Johnny Joints with 3/4" x 16TPI stud UCA's are 15" eye to eye All brackets and tabs were plasma cut by me. Pix say it all: [/img]
  8. Even the '86 had the punch outs for both. Regardless of automatic or manual, the hole in the tranny tunnel is the same shape and size, as is that of the t-case shifter.
  9. As stated above...it's under the center console in a +97 XJ, which is where my whole interior including the dash, console, steering column/wheel, and seating came from, along with the engine, transmission, and transfercase.
  10. None. There is a single deceleration module that controls both airbags. It is the box I was talking about in my post above. It's nothing more than a 5" x 5" x 1" aluminum box with guts that sense extreme deceleration, thus deploying the airbags in an accident. It's the only thing that needs to be un-installed to keep them from being inactive.
  11. Thanks. Hopefully some more exciting progress will happen soon. As far as the airbags, I haven't decided yet. The airbag control module is located under the center console. It can easily be unplugged to keep the bags inactive. I have also thought about removing them, along with the module and placing them up for sale. Airbags bring good money, but they also bring lots of on-road safety.
  12. JD arms, and everything else is pretty much build from parts. At this point in time, I'm just borrowing it, but there is another in production that will some day belong to my friend and I. I've got a lot of toob to do on the MJ. Cage through the 97+ dash, and cab corners forming an "x" in the bed for a tire mount, etc. I've got my front bumper all planned out, just need to get a 97+ header and grille on so I can get a final measurement. 2x4 rocker replacement with some toob sliders also.
  13. Whats your 20? I'm in Pittsburgh, and my equipment isn't exactly mobile at 450+ lbs.
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