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Extended Cab MJ

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The vents are in the 2 door jamb. With that size of window he will have alot of space behind the seat. He must like to weld and is good at it. I managed to terminate the roof ribs on my Cherokee when I added a sunroof rather than welding all the way across. It is a solution to the different roof profiles but that is alot of reshaping of the Comanche panel. Nice work, impressive. but where is the floor?


Side note on the vents, the Mahindra truckin another post must also be sharing doors from a 4 door vehicle. The doors are a bit shorter than other trucks so a wider B pillar is needed.

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Looks good. Lots of work. Is he building his own frame?


Whats the wheelbase going to be?


I'm not going as long. That is way long.


I'm just adding 2dr doors and the back of another MJ cab.


And I will be keeping the MJ vents.

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I never thought of that.I might have to make another round to the junk yard to get the front section of a rear window to help finish the rear window.


He has a lot of work on his hand.I see the Cherokee has the whole frame rails as well as the fire wall missing.

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He is using the Jeep as a drag truck


wicked.... :D Know what engine he's looking to run?



A V8??? :nuts:















































































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