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Heater Core Recommendations

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Hello y'all,

Unfortunately, recently I went to clean my truck interior and was greeted by the terrific pond of coolant in my passenger foot well:fistshake2:. I trace the leak to my heater box and most likely my heater core has gave up the ghost. I wanted to see what's the best replacement heater core and has anyone used this one that I found on summit racing. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/rcg-18-11786 Another one I'm considering is just getting one from Advance auto parts. Surprisedly my local store has one in stock. 

In addition, any tips or tricks to doing this repair would be appreciated.


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I replaced my heater core with one from Advance several years ago and I replaced the A/C evaporator at the same time both being 30yrs old. It's a process:doh:.

I removed the dash, some say just take loose and let it hang while removing the enclosure. First you need to discharge the Freon from the system. Like I said pita,

Takes about 1 day to remove & 1 day to reinstall.:confused:

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Our man in Guam is correct---an OEM one made from copper would be best.


That said, they are like unicorns, so good luck.   The next best choice is to go on to Rock Auto and look at all the aftermarket brands out there.  I tend to try to choose heater cores from someone who has been in the aftermarket biz a while, and thus isn't just pushing out crap to make a quick buck and then fold their tent and move on.

When did mine a few months ago, I chose one from Four Seasons, mainly because they have been providing aftermarket HVAC parts for a long time, and probably have at least decent suppliers for their cores and evaporators.

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14 hours ago, 75sv1 said:

I installed a copper after market one. Actually order two from different venders. Both made in Mexico.  Not cheap at $150 to $180. 

By chance do you remember where you order them from?


Also I noticed on Rockauto there appeals to be an aftermarket one that's made out of copper. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=3922491&cc=1180314&pt=6864&jsn=1612 . Anyone has any experience with GPD?

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oooooooo!  :bowdown:  


doesn't help me since I was replacing the dash anyways, but we'll need to add that link to the DIY forum (unless it's already in there and my brain just sucks :laugh: ) so others know it's a possibility.  :L: 

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1 minute ago, Blaine.D said:

Alrighty finally order the GPD heater core on Monday from Rock Auto. 


So much for it being copper lol. Seams to be about the same quality as all of the other ones on the market. 

That sucks!! I re-checked the listing, only says made with durable materials, no mention of copper but the picture clearly shows a copper one, I think I would be on the phone with them, they're a pretty professional company from what dealings I've had with them, I think I would have them looking for a copper replacement. But I'm sure it's a good one.

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