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1989 to 1993 Eliminator

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Bought this burned 89 over the summer from the same guy I got my long bed from. It’s been sitting for a few years and had a pretty bad dash fire in the hvac box. I decided I wanted to try to do an obd1 swap using a 93 xj I bought for $550 running and driving. Here’s pics from when I brought it home. Future plans include a black interior and fresh paint so pretty much what Jeep should have made in 93







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The engine was rebuilt with a fresh head and a terrible green paint job so that got painted Saturday and installed. Still have to take the valve cover off and paint that. Waiting on injectors now. Going to swap to the newer 95/96 xj brake booster as soon as it gets here. Plan to swap over the 2wd front axle from the xj over as well with the newer unit bearings. Keeping the truck 2wd since the xj was 2wd and I just don’t need a 4wd Comanche. I’ll be moving back home after graduation in December so I’ll try to keep updating this and get it back on the road




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She’s alive!! New fuel tank, pump and the original sending unit went back in today. Also changed the injectors and fuel filter. Fired right up with no leaks just like when it was in the xj. Just need to add exhaust, a driveshaft and a bunch more to start driving but it’s getting there


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42 minutes ago, 89 MJ said:

You've made good progress. Are you planning on painting it Colorado Red again when that time comes?

I appreciate it. Yea that’s the plan right now. I’ll be working on all the body work over the next couple months then painting it

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Got the 93 axle under the Truck today with all new control arms, steering, shocks, track bar and brake lines. Ended up putting the steel wheels on it since I got tired of having to air up the crappy tires on the turbines and these tires are decent. Started messing with the booster/ master upgrade too but ran out of light. Using a 95/96 xj booster and master with a 93 xj proportioning valve so I can delete the rear load valve








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Got the booster and master in. I ended up

using lines from a 95 and tying them into the factory mj lines that went to the old booster with a couple adapters. That way I didn’t have to mess with reflaring lines. Just have to get a bench bleeding kit tomorrow and I’ll install it for good. Also turns out the rear load valve was already bypassed. Going to try it as is and use the xj valve if it doesn’t work as well as I want. Also put the driveshaft in and did a bunch of little things trying to get it ready for a test drive 


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Major milestone achieved today. Drove the truck around the block for the first time! Drive pretty good other than being loud from no muffler. Brakes worked good after bench bleeding this morning then bleeding the whole truck. It also needs a windshield and rear window badly. Rear lights don’t work but it’s because I haven’t hooked up the wire for them yet. Overall good test drive though. I also replaced the drivers door with a nicer power door. Goal is to add power windows and locks since I have all the parts



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