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August 2021-The Youngest MJOTM?-Muncher’s 87 Chief

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August 2021- @Muncher’s 87 Comanche Chief


Build Thread- 



Year/Model - 


1987 Comanche Chief, The build date is (5-13-87) and it has 73k original miles  





 Renix 4.0 AX5 Transmission 231J Transfer case 

Dana 30 Front with Stock Dana 44 rear with trac lock differential 




 Went with an open cooling loop and a 3 core all aluminum radiator. Running a new style 12 fin electric fan

 Also added a mishimoto racing thermostat and aluminum radiator cap




 LED Headlights and H4 headlight harness upgrade

KSuspension 2 gauge battery cable kit with 300A fuse 

Renix Engine Monitor II + (V5.3) – NickInTimeDesign

New alternator, distributor, cap and rotor, spark plugs and wire along with a new coil.




 Suspension and steering are all stock except a sway bar and links that I got out of the junkyard. Believe it may be a rough country. 




 I took out the whole interior and patched many leaking holes, I then grinded down all the rust and used 3M undercoating on the floor. Then I finished it off by using closed cell sound insulation on the floor and the back wall. 

eBay map lights 

Red leds in the gauge cluster and leds everywhere else including in switch panels and floor lights 

@ghetdjc320 Switch panel for REM and Factory style roll bar lights. 

Went from the bucket seats and console to a mini console and bench seat.

Headliner was redone by myself to a red flannel material 

Pioneer Bluetooth single din radio 

Suction cup rear view mirror also added 




 Brakes are all stock with new calipers going in soon. 




 Stock ROL fog lights with one be a NOS unit. 

KC daylighters on the roll bar. 

Zoffroad Led headlights with running lights/ Blinkers

Led plate light holders




 Old school Rhino brand brush guard 

BadDadFab BTSB winch mount with d rings 

IronMan 9500 pound steel cable winch 

Dirtbound offroad rear bumper and hitch receiver 


Wheel & Tires- 


 KJ Renegade rims with the wheels that came off of them.  

Plans to most likely keep the rims and go with 32s or 33s 






 Just putting some plans in here which are to go to a Zone 4.5 inch lift kit. And some bigger tires. 

Original Comanche Chief stickers being put back on the first week of september 


Best MJ story- 


 My best mj story isn't so good really seeing I don't have my license still and don't daily it yet. But I Guess my best story is getting it and how happy I was. I really wanted one the first time I saw one because I always loved jeeps but the useability of a jeep which this ended up being the best combo. I looked at a couple of comanches but my mom would not let me get any of them, I looked at some other vehicles in the time being such as wranglers or chevys but about a year ago my mom sent me my truck and basically it was this one or none and we went and looked at it and ended up buying it. I know its a lame story but better ones will be soon to come!   


CC is Awesome! Why? 


Comanche Club is an amazing thing! One of the most fun, caring and helpful groups I have ever been in, you can meet some amazing people here and can find out anything about our trucks. IF you need help on anything there's almost definitely someone here to help. My favorite part about the club though probably is the super nice people you can meet and be friends with such as the moderators @eaglescout526 and @Pete Mthe admin of the group. 

Congrats Caden! Also, I think you are the youngest MJotM to date. Can anyone confirm or deny that?


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11 minutes ago, eaglescout526 said:

I do like watching this truck. It’s stock while having tasteful mods done. Shoot I think I was 19 when I got little red. Holy schnikes, where does the time go? 

You’re old now!

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5 hours ago, fiatslug87 said:

Congratulations, really like that you're keeping it more or less stock.

Yeah although I would like to have it a crazy rig with all sorts of armor I'm keeping it stock-ish because it's a comanche chief 

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11 minutes ago, Muncher said:

Yeah although I would like to have it a crazy rig with all sorts of armor I'm keeping it stock-ish because it's a comanche chief 


that's an easy fix.  buy a second one. :D  there are plenty of rusty MJs in your area that could be armored up with no conflict of the conscience. :D  

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