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Saw This At The Junkyard Today


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I see a few in the city every now and again, and there's usually one or two on kijiji. This is from a somewhat localish ad to me. Hoping it'll still be around once I've saved up a little. I think his $2000 asking price is a little on the high side, but not a bad starting point.


Technically not a Spirit, being that it's an Eagle SX4, but it's Spirit-based. I've always had a soft spot for AMC's, especially the Eagles, even back when I was a die-hard GM fan boy and would never have looked twice at a Jeep.

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Ever pause to think that someone may have deliberately not linked to an ad?


Have you ever paused before you posted some of the ******* you post....


pony up the cash or don"t post the site and the pic ( as you did)....or did you think google was your own private search engine  :banana:


FYI I am going to Regina for the long weekend...it is a bit of a detour but...I would bet he can be swayed with a pocket full of new $100 bills  :banana:

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I don't want it all that much anyway, so it doesn't bother me much that you posted it. I haven't even contacted the seller, and didn't really intend to unless it was still kicking around in a few months.

I did however choose to pm someone else the direct link link, for their benefit, rather than openly posting it. I'm aware anyone with a small amount of knowledge of the internet and a desire to find it could have done so based off what I did post, and that there are very few random bozos perusing this site; but it's just a little irking when even small efforts were made to keep something semi-private and someone goes and undermines them. I'm sure you can understand that.


Also, if you (or anyone else for that matter) has an issue with something that I post, please let me know and I'll take it down if it's not helpful. I'll be the first to admit it though many of you have guessed, my knowledge and experience in many areas is very limited, and I don't want to mislead anyone or cause them extra grief.

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