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Help My Find Out Year Of Mj

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Theres a MJ sitting down the road and it looks to be in excellent condition. It was sitting under a tree for months and right before i got the money, it disappeared. I later found out from my neighbor that a man down the street bought it for $500 and has been sitting since he bought it. My neighbor told me that the man said the engine was messed up. So i am considering going by and offering him $500 for it.


Now ive been searching but i cannot dertermine what year it is.

Its blue, has 4x4 badges, SWB, and SporTruck on side with big squiggle line. I know it is 87-92 from being a SWB. Any help appriciated.

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Sportruck in the squiggles instead of hockey stick style means '91-'92.












Thanks!! Exacly what i was looking for.


What all did the SporTruck pack include? Could it be 2.5 or 4.0 or either??

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The VIN will tell what year Comanche it is, which is what the OP is asking for in the thread title.


I was more wanting to know it it was a Renix or HO. The year specifically doesnt matter to much to me.


Is there any difference between 91 and 92??

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