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What is this a CJ2 or WWII MB?

Comanche County

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I'm on the hunt for Jeeps to flip,,,,


Actually found an 89' Pioneer 2WD but the owner wouldn't let go of it. After spending an hour with him explaining blow by and the finer points of the Renix system I departed,,,,after directing him to CC of course!


Then I found this:


Gotta a line on what the owner says is a 45' WWII jeep.


I can't tell. Here's a bunch of pics. He's asking 500. :D But I need some expert advice. Its got some relatively minor rust issues, nothing I couldn't fix and he says the motor runs but its had the plugs pulled for several years. PO says its still 6v. I think the serial number is GB1 23947. The back story is that a previous owner used it in a liquor store hold up, while on the run he hid the jeep in an plum grove. He went to jail for nine years and the jeep ended up sitting in aTexas plum grove completely grown over for close to 20 years. The current owner found it when he was bulldozing clearing the land. He brought it home, there is no title.


What is it, an MB, CJ2?


























I think the serial number is GB1 23947










Any advice is greatly appreciated! JEEP ON!!!!:highfive:

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I still consider myself a "noob" when it comes to the older military syle jeeps but I'm starting to learn my way abouth MB, M38 series, etc..Appears you have a CJ2A, giveaway is the 7 slot grill. MBs have a 9 slot grill. :thumbsup: For $500, that looks like a hell of a good deal to me. Jeep looks pretty good for sitting out in the elements for all these years. I'd personally jump on that offer but that is just me.

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MANY will debate this but... There were a few hundred 1945 CJ2's made. IMHO the "A" wasn't added until the 1946 model year IMHO. Some "experts" will even tell you that there was not a 1945 civilian version at all and that the CJ line started in 1946...but I owned a '45 in the early eighties and did a bit of leg work ( pre-internet remember) to find those in the know about the 1945. If it is a 1945 it is a CJ2 and fairly rare, but maybe not valuable?


The other give-away that is is not a military issue jeep is that the headlights/markers lights are not recessed. A lot of things get changed out over the years but the 1945-1948 models had a two-piece windshield with a center post where that one has a later one-piece, possible from a 3a or aftermarket or indicating it is a late '48-'53. Part of the problem was there was no standardized "model year" and some states titled a vehicle as to year from the date of purchase, not the date of manufacture, in that era.


EDIT: Someone posted up about the CJ2 while I typed :D

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Thanks for the input fellas.


While I've been researching I found that there were indeed 45' CJ2s made but very few. This may well be one, but the serial number is key....it seems iy's saying its a 46'. I think the data plate on the passenger dash indicates its a CJ2, but I'm not sure.


Wish it was a 45' but I'll take either. Need someone to answer definitively what the heck it is. After all, I'm just a lowly XJ/MJ/ZJ man.

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I got it!


Spent about 13 bucks at the car wash finding the Jeep that was actually under the years of lichen, spores, and leaves. Then got it home and promptly began a pulling it apart. Got the head off and the gas tank out...The gas tank may be too far gone, the filler neck was completely corroded and I'm sure the inside of the tank is just as bad. It sat without plugs and the rear cylinder was soaked and rusted but I think its salvageable. My goal is to just get it running and kill the rust..





















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It's a CJ2, and still a heck of a find.

I was wrong. CJ2 didn't have tailgates. I would go by the GB in the VIN in identifying it. The biggest problem in identifying a older Jeep is so many parts interchange on them so you can't say with any certainality what one is just by looking at the grill, windshield, etc.

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I'll sell it as soon as I get it going again...its already tore down. Good thing is its all there and luckily the original M1 Garand rifle racks are a hot commodity for military restorers and may cover most or all of my purchase cost. They're not the coveted "F" script WWII versions, looks to be from the Korean era, so the M38 guys need em. Also, CJ-3As tubs in "good" condition are sorta rare, 3As in general are rarer than 2As and MBs. I could probably part it now and make a profit, but I'm going to put it back together, its too much fun right now.


Bad thing is its the little things that will be time consuming, like a bent D25, a clanking D44 pinion, a seized master cylinder and it needs an entire brake system, new fuel lines, rebuild/replace fuel tank, needs a wire harness, couple of broken studs in a seized Go-Devil, unknown T-90 internal condition, unknown D18 internal condition, no windshield, steering sloppier than the Texas State Fair BBQ championship, no title, did I mention the seized engine? Ah,,, I'll be done in a day or two. :wrench:


There are a lot of these Jeeps sitting around rusting away, just picked up a CJ-2A for peanuts that had its axles rebuilt,,,hmm sometime about 10-15 years ago I'm told, much better. Its a 44'-49' not sure yet, I'm yanking the D25 from it. Its got a D41 rear, so not sure if I'll use it or not.
















The tub is off...
















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FYI that gas tank is in pretty good shape and should be restored. The new replacement tanks have the filler neck just a little off. As far as your engine goes, check the block around the distributor hole for cracking. Rust in the cylinders is usually ok, these engines can be bored .060 over. You can date your jeep by checking the top right side of the trans for a casting date, or on the round boss by the diff covers on the axles. Forgot to add that if you are going to rebuilt the engine remember the serial number is engraved just above the water pump.

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If anyone is interested, I'm posting the build of this CJ3A here: http://cj-3a.com/forum/YaBB.pl?num=1315774757/0


I'm learning a lot about the old Jeeps and it's coming together slowly but surely...its an outdoor, shade tree, southern dirt road rebuild, teeming with rural backwoods majesty the likes of which William Faulkner would have been proud to chronicle. It's echoed by the passing trains, nearby bellowing cows and yelping chickens, and the too early in the morning clank of beer bottles, if only I could play a banjo.


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