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Tylerjy's '90 Eliminator Build

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So I picked up my '90 Eliminator last week, and work has started!



Here's what I started with, got it home and stripped the interior to take care of rust (taking Pete's advice), and non-working electronics.



Dash out, for the most part.



My floorboards have a lot of rust for WA State lol.



Cleaned em up a bit, going to primer, and undercoat still.



Decided to throw my 32's on the rear for fun...


Mods to come include a new CR Laurence 35x17 sunroof, lift, exhaust, and a donor 91-96 for the H.O swap, and new interior.


Enjoy! comanche.gif

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Thanks for the comment guys, appreciate it. :cheers:


Looks like I may have found a donor xj.. 4 door, clean interior, 4.5" lift, rhino lined winch bumper w/ smittybilt xrc8, d44 rear, d30 front, both locked with chromoly shafts and 4.88 gearing, I can't wait to start swapping, will be taking lots of pics. With school starting may take me a bit but I will be happy with the end result :D

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So I'm in the market for a new rear bumper with d-ring mounts, and a built in reciever hitch, basically like Hansen Offroad's rear bumper, but cheaper. Would I be able to adapt an xj bumper like JCR's stage 2 just by buying/making mounts? Or who else makes a nice Comanche rear bumper?

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Haven't updated this for about a month, been busy with school so we haven't done much, but I do have some updates to share!


Here we cut the hole for the sunroof, as you can see we have some rust holes to patch up as well.

Dad welding on some sheet metal to cover those rust holes, we later covered with primer, and paint.

Got the sunroof installed!

So we then started taking the engine apart piece by piece.


So far I am having fun with this project, next we will probably tidy up the engine bay, and then working on swapping the interior/front end over from the donor before we drop the new engine/tranny/tcase (with sye) in.


Thanks for reading! :wrench:

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Hey guys, just a small update today..


We laid down some Rustoleum "Rust Reformer" on the floorboards to give it a nice, paintable coating, and to maybe get rid of some of the left over rust, we are laying down some Rustoleum undercoating on top of this, and then the carpet.


Started wire-wheeling the engine bay today, to get it ready for new paint, and got about half of it done (the days just keep getting shorter), dunno what paint we will lay down in there quite yet.


Anyways, thanks for checkin it out, in the next few weeks, I should have some pictures of swapping everything over from the XJ! jamminz.gif


Stay posted!

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Got a lot of work done, but only one pic to prove it lol, I was too busy wrenchin' to get my phone all dirty to take pics :wrench:



So this is your pic for today, donor XJ on the left, Eliminator on the right, got the engine/tranny outta donor and swapping front ends/ wiring harnesses / etc. before we drop the donor engine and tranny into Eliminator.


Let me know what ya think!


Jeep on!!! jamminz.gif

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So plans as of now:


-Get truck up and running, swap everything from donor.

-Weld new perches on donor d44 (sua) and get new 4.5" leaf packs

-LEDs in dash

-New tires, BFG ATs if I can only fit a 32, or Goodyear Duratracs if I can fit 33s on a 4.5 lift

-Rustoleum roll on paintjob, can't decide on a color!

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Small update picture-wise, but we've got a lot done.


Mocking up the center console, here you can also see the new heater core, and jute padding for the new carpet.


We rolled out the whole front end, d30, locked, 4.88, aftermarket diff cover, RE 4.5" coils, RE Lower/Upper CAs, Rancho steering stabilizer.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I really don't have much for pictures to share, because I usually don't want to take my phone outside while I'm wrenching to get it all dirty.


I do have some updates though.



-Got new front end bolted in.

-Got new engine/tranny/tcase bolted in.

-Took some measurements for my new crossmember.

-Adapted my 93 XJ bucket seats to work in the MJ w/ some MJ bench seat brackets.

-Disassembled and machine washed the seats.

-Replaced gauge and HVAC lights w/ blue LEDs.

-Pulled the new rear axle, still need to weld new perches etc.

-Adapted 93 xj fuel lines to the stock MJ tank.

-Wired in dash, fuel pump, etc.

-Ordered Optima Yellow-Top.

-Got me some damn near brand new 33" KM2's

-And much more!


In other words, we have got quite a bit done, and I expect it to be back on the road before long, it just sucks because now we are finishing it up in the snow. :eek:




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We are basically finished with the front end now, and I got to hear my MJ running for the first time ! :D


Anyways, on to some pics:


Our custom crossmember


Painting the crossmember/bumper brackets


Got it all mounted up.


Radiator on


Last pic of the night, I got to drive it around in FWD! :rotf:

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