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what do you bring offroad?


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maybe this isn't really tech, if its not please move it.


but i just want to know what everyone bring with them when they hit the trails for a weekend or something just in case something breaks or they get stuck.


i personally bring


a small tool kit - sockets wrenches pliers electrical connectors tape, gloves etc

fluids - some atf, engine oil, powersteering fluid gears oil.

zip ties - they are extremly useful for anything


small fisrt aid kit

recovery strap

snacks and drinks

d rings

water - to wash windows off/ lights

extra clothes

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All you listed a and


A small generator mounted in the bed

A Compressor (oba)

impact and air ratchet

alot of tools not just a small kit

axle shafts for all sides and such

spider gears

DUCT TAPE (greatest thing ever)

Spare tire with corect nuts(from experience have the right lug nuts if its on a different wheel then the others)

Farm Jack (hi-lift)

A cell phone

Two way radios if in a group (helps the spotter not yell)

extra u-bolts

Battery Homade welder if Its you have two batt. and Rods

steering linkage


I'm sure theres more I can't find my checklist right now I take so much stuff i am pretty much a mechanic shop on wheels with power even. :brows:



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well, seeing as my brother lives in a 3rd floor shared appt, and i live at home with mom, we have nowhere to store stuff cept for in his jeep or mine. so his jeep is basically a rolling fullsize tool box.


(his front diff actually froze up on the road one night and he stopped at his work and had everything required to do remove the inner axleshafts on him. though he did ruin a workshirt :roll: )


and i pack all the extra shafts and such from storage, and tires and such large items in my truck.


we usually have everything, short of an engine lift. and kitchen sink.

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First person who says that they bring the girl friend along because she has big mud flaps is the winner!!


I always wanted to open a bar called MUDFLAPS


We would have BBW's working there dressed in the same outfits as HOOTERS!!






It depends on whjere i am wheeling at. I normally bring spare shafts for the front, tools sapare hoses spare serpatine belt.... Extra u-jonts. Power tank

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I always go camping when I go wheeling so I've got

chainsaw, ratchet straps, duct tape, penetrating oil, 119pc mechanics set, oil dry, spare nuts/bolts, electrical kit, 3 or 4 friends, another rig, spare fluids, hi lift, 2 junk yard scissor jacks, 2 pieces of plywood, shovel, axe, prybar, and whatever else i can fit in the truck

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well not everyone brings as much as me but for my TJ i bring:



full size tire




mixed rad fluid.

u joint

gear lube

serpentine belt

spare brake lines (stock ones that work when some things are disconnected)

brake fluid


other stuff:

wrenches and sockets from the tiny sizes to 1"1/2 (metric and standard)

couple channel locks (diff sizes)

two rolls of duck tape (yeah it fixes everything)

wire brush

hack saw with lenox blade (top quality that will last)

electircal tape

battery jump starter (so there doesnt have to be a vehicle near to get a jump)

1in D-rings (4)

50ft snatch strap w/o hooks (hooks are dangerous) rated to 30K lbs

tree saver strap rated to 50k lbs

sometimes i bring some chain

short shovel

axe (shovel and axe can be stored quite well like on a roll bar)

CB radio with amplifier incase i don't have cell service

small 2gal gas can. its been a night saver a few times now, and not just for me.

and lots of other very small misc things.


oh and a small cooler with water and food (lots of water, youll be suprised how much youll drink)


long list but its rare that i break down and don't fix it and drive home.

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